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Fireteam Crimson




"Warrens," Requiem


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Fireteam Lancer has detected some Covenant nests in Warrens. Spartans are inbound on their position.

Lancer is the third chapter of Spartan Ops' eighth episode, Expendable.[1]


Fireteam Crimson is sent to the "Warrens" to help Fireteam Lancer destroy a Covenant nest. Complicating things, a shield wall is blocking off access to the base. Further complicating matters, the three generators powering the shield wall are camouflaged. While Miller tries to find a way to reveal the generators, he picks up the mysterious SOS again. Eventually, he determines that the camouflage around the generators is controlled by a certain Elite. Crimson kills the target Elite. They then destroy the now exposed shield generators, bringing the shield wall down.

Crimson and Lancer move through the canyon and reach the entrance to the Covenant base. Though the front door is locked, the Spartans provoke the Covenant into opening the door. After clearing out all of the Covenant outside the structure, Crimson heads into the caves. Inside, they detect the SOS again. Miller determines the signal is coming from inside the cavern. Crimson proceeds to eliminate all the Covenant inside, as well as any reinforcements that arrive. Miller then informs Palmer that Poker Squad has captured an Elite who is offering to give up the location of a Covenant listening post in exchange for his life. Palmer agrees to the deal and orders Poker Squad to investigate.

Crimson continues making their way through the caverns, eventually arriving at a Forerunner structure. After defeating the Covenant and Prometheans guarding it, Crimson proceeds inside. There they find Fireteam Switchback - who had gone missing while trying to disrupt a Covenant excavation - trapped behind a shield wall. Spartan Gale reports that their leader was killed and that the rest of the team have been sending out the SOS on the Covenant's own communications network. Crimson frees Switchback and leads them out of the caves. The two Fireteams defeat a final wave of Covenant reinforcements at the exit. The Spartans make it back outside where they are picked up by Murphy's Pelican.

Commander Palmer congratulates Crimson on not only completing their mission, but also rescuing Switchback.



Fade in to a ground shot of a Covenant-occupied canyon. Camera pans upward as two Pelicans fly overhead.

  • Spartan Terry Hedge (COM): “Found a nest of Covies hiding in the caves. Wouldn’t mind a hand clearing ‘em out.”

Switch to an aerial shot following the Pelicans.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer (COM): “Good find, Lancer. Crimson’s happy to help.”

Switch back to the ground. A pair of Unggoy look up as the two Pelicans come in for a landing.

One Pelican drops a Warthog on top of one of the Unggoy, killing him. The other Unggoy starts to flee, but the second Pelican also drops a Warthog, crushing him too.


  • Lieutenant TJ Murphy (COM): “Crimson is on the ground.”
  • Spartan Terry Hedge: “Covies have hooked active camos to their shield generators. We can’t get in the cave until that shield comes down.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Crimson, secure the area. Miller-”
  • Miller (COM): “Already looking for a way to find those generators.”

Fireteam Crimson and Fireteam Lancer backup take the Warthogs and move out. They quickly encounter Covenant resistance.

  • Miller (COM): “Additional targets inbound.”
  • Miller (COM): “Hang on. Commander Palmer, remember that Morse code SOS? I just saw it again.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Unless you’ve got a solution to that mystery I need you focused on bringing down the generators.”
  • Palmer (COM): "Phantom on approach."

A Phantom deploys a Wraith.

  • Miller (COM): “And I’ve got it! The active camo on the generators is controlled by that guy right there.”

Marker appears on one of the Elites.

  • Palmer (COM): “Take him out, Crimson!”

Crimson kills the target Elite.

  • Miller (COM): “Target down! Shields are visible!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Crimson, kindly exercise extreme force on those shield generators.”

Crimson destroys all three shield generators. The shield wall goes down.

  • Hedge: “Crimson did it. Shield's down.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Lancer, Crimson’s got point. Follow them into the caves.”
  • Hedge: “Affirmative, Commander.”

Crimson moves further into the canyon and soon reaches the entrance to the cave. A massive Forerunner door bars their way.

  • Miller (COM): “Looks like the door is shut tight. Lots of movement behind it though.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Get their attention, Crimson. Maybe they’ll come out to play.”

Crimson proceeds to neutralize the Covenant stationed outside the door. The door begins to open up.

  • Miller (COM): “It worked! Covenant incoming!”

Covenant forces emerge from behind the door. Crimson engages and defeats them.

  • Miller (COM): “All clear to head inside the cavern, but keep your guard up.”

Crimson heads into the cavern where they find a large array of Forerunner structures built into the caves.

A series of electronic noises are heard over the COM.

  • Miller (COM): “Commander! Whatever’s been sending that Morse code, it’s inside this cave!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Crimson, clear out the Covies, but keep your eyes open.”

Crimson engages multiple Covenant infantry, along with Ghosts and Shade turrets.

  • Miller (COM): “Ghosts!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Reinforcements!”
  • Miller (COM): “Phantom on approach.”

Enemy Phantom enters the cavern through an opening and deploys a Wraith.

  • Palmer (COM): “Wraith!”
  • Miller (COM): “They’re moving to fortify. Take ‘em out!”

Another Wraith arrives.

Crimson finally defeats all the Covenant reinforcements.

  • Miller (COM): “Commander Palmer. Call from Poker Squad. The Marines have a wounded Elite offering information if they let him live.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Depends on how good the info is.”
  • Miller (COM): “He’s offering up a Covie listening post.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Listening post? That would explain how they’ve seen us coming recently. Fine. Have Poker check it out, then make the deal.”
  • Miller (COM): “Aye, Commander.”

Crimson reaches a particular Forerunner structure. They eliminate the Covenant guarding it.

  • Palmer (COM): “Let’s go, Crimson!”
  • Miller (COM): “Crimson, be careful. You don’t know what’s on the other side of that door.”

Crimson opens the door. Covenant and Promethean forces emerge.

  • Palmer (COM): “Covenant and Prometheans inbound! Hold your ground and clear this position before moving on.”

Once most enemies are down:

  • Palmer (COM): “Clean ‘em up.”

Crimson finishes off all remaining enemies. They move into the structure where they find a group of Spartans trapped behind a shield wall.

  • Miller (COM): “Commander! Crimson’s found something! It’s Switchback!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Switchback?!”
  • Spartan Bradford Gale: “Commander Palmer, glad to hear your voice again. We’ve been sending SOS for a while now.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Spartan Gale, where’s Spartan Costabile?”
  • Gale: “Covies got her, Commander.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Understood, Spartan. What do you say we return the favor?”
  • Gale: “Sounds like a hell of a plan, Commander.”
  • Miller (COM): “Dropships inbound!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Clear the ground and we can get you out of there, Crimson!”

Crimson deactivates the shield wall trapping Switchback.

  • Miller (COM): “The shield wall’s dropped, Commander!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Time to go, Spartans! Head for the exit.”

Switchback grabs some nearby weapons. Crimson leads them toward the exit.

  • Miller (COM): “There’s your ride home, Spartans.”
  • Murphy (COM): “I’ve got your back, Crimson!”
  • Palmer (COM): “Excellent work.”

Crimson and Switchback engage a final group of Covenant blocking the exit. The two Spartan fireteams make short work of the enemy troops. At the same time, Murphy’s Pelican engages and destroys a Covenant Phantom.

The Spartans exit the caverns and reach the evac zone. Murphy’s Pelican arrives to pick them up.

Fade to black.


  • Miller (COM): “Pelican outbound with Fireteams Crimson and Switchback onboard, Commander Palmer.”
  • Palmer (COM): “Crimson, great work with Lancer. You guys brought Switchback home and that is damn good work, folks.”

Level ends.