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One Last Time

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Out the Other


Exodus (conclusion cinematic)

One Last Time
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




"Harvester," Requiem


Deactivate the artifact and escape Requiem

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Requiem's impact with sun is imminent. Spartans deployed to Covenant Harvester with replacement power supply.

One Last Time is the fifth and final chapter of Spartan Ops' tenth episode, Exodus.[1]


Fireteam Crimson returns to the Harvester with the Lich's power core. Because the Harvester is once again occupied by the Covenant, the Spartans have to fight their way inside and clear out the defenders. Once the Harvester has been recaptured, Crimson uses the Lich's power core to restore power. They then use the Harvester's plasma drill to create an opening in the rocks where the artifact is hidden.

Entering the cave, Crimson encounters massive resistance from Promethean forces. The Spartans fight their way through and arrive at a Forerunner structure. After Crimson has cleared out the Prometheans guarding the structure, Miller finds the chamber where the artifact is located. The chamber doors won't open due to a loss of power, so Roland instructs them to go to another chamber to restore power. Crimson defeats the Prometheans guarding the power source and restore power.

After restoring power to the doors, Crimson enters the artifact's chamber and locate the artifact. They deactivate the artifact, which causes the chamber to start coming apart. As they leave the structure, they experience random gravitational fluctuations due to Requiem's proximity to the sun. Near the exit to the cavern, Crimson encounters one last group of Sangheili. The Spartans defeat the Elites and get outside, where Murphy's Pelican arrives just in time to pick them up.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


Fade in on a Kig-Yar standing guard outside of the Harvester.

  • Spartan Jared Miller: "Commander Palmer, Crimson are back at the Harvester. They've got the power supply. Just have to clear the area, and they'll be all set."

A large piece of falling debris crashes near the Harvester, causing two Unggoy to panic and flee.

  • Commander Sarah Palmer: "Understood, Miller. Majestic and I are almost to our goal as well. Dalton, how's the evac going?"
  • Spartan Robert Dalton: "Rest of the planet's scrambled, Commander. You guys are the last ones down there."


  • Miller: "Here we go, Crimson. The final stretch. Clear the area between here and the Harvester."

After Crimson has cleared out the Covenant in the immediate area:

  • Miller: "Just checked the NAV data. Requiem is getting awfully close to her star. Let's move quickly, Crimson!"

Crimson clears out the Covenant guarding the Harvester and move inside. They encounter more Covenant, including a pair of Hunters.

  • Miller: "Roland, we've got the power source. Now Crimson just needs to know how to hook it up."
  • UNSC AI Roland: "Oh, I'll have an operating manual shortly."

When only one enemy is left:

  • Miller: "Get that last one, Crimson."

When all the Covenant inside the Harvester are dealt with:

  • Miller: "Nice work, Crimson. All clear."
  • Roland: "The power core fits right there, Crimson. Slide it in and you can power up the Harvester."

Crimson inserts the Lich's power core into the central console. The console crackles with energy and comes to life. The doors to the control room open.

  • Miller: "Excellent work. Control room's open. Get in there! Roland, fire controls?"
  • Roland: "Right there. Not exactly difficult. So easy a Grunt can do it."

Crimson enters the control room and fires the plasma drill.


The Harvester fires an energy beam into the rocks, carving out a decent sized entry.

  • Miller: "Beautiful!"
  • Roland: "Mining laser's opened a passage to the cave system."


  • Miller: "Commander Palmer, we're in."
  • Palmer: (sounds of gunfire in the background) "Miller, just tell me when you're done! DeMarco! Wake up! On your six!" (More gunfire. An Elite roars.)

Crimson exits the Harvester. The planet continues to tremble violently.

  • Miller: "Let's get in the cave, Crimson! We don't have much time!"

Crimson enters the caves and encounters Promethean Knights. After the Knights are defeated, a large wave of Promethean Crawlers comes rushing out of a tunnel. The Spartans fight their way past the machines, head through the tunnel, and arrive at a massive glowing Forerunner structure.

  • Miller: "Look at that."
  • Roland: "I don't see the artifact."
  • Miller: "Good point. Crimson, clear the area. I'll find what you're looking for."

Crimson clears out the Prometheans guarding the structure.

  • Miller: "That's everyone. Nice work. Looks like this is the path deeper into... whatever this place is."

Crimson approaches a door at the center of the structure. It does not open.

  • Miller: "Roland, why's the door not opening?"
  • Roland: "Looks like power is off to the whole area."
  • Miller: "Quickly, Roland! Requiem's not slowing down!"
  • Roland: "Power source located! Activating that will open the door."

Crimson goes to the lower level of the structure and enters the chamber containing the power source - a glowing cylindrical device located at the top of a ramp. They take out the Prometheans inside and activate the power source.

  • Roland: "Power's on."
  • Miller: "Great news! Crimson, let's move with a purpose!"

Crimson heads back up to the upper level and reaches the now unlocked door.

  • Miller: "Almost there. We just might make it..."

Crimson enters the artifact's chamber. They move up a ramp where they find a control console. Behind the console is a large glowing ring-like structure attached to a massive spire. The artifact itself is concealed within a floor compartment between the console and the structure.

  • Miller: "That's it! That's what we're after. Roland, tell Captain Lasky that Crimson has reached their artifact."
  • Roland: "Done and done."
  • Miller: "Take it offline, Crimson."

Crimson hits the control console. The artifact rises from its floor compartment, then falls to the floor.

  • Roland: "Artifact's off the network. Only Majestic's target remains. And I don't think Requiem appreciated it."
  • Miller: "Commander Palmer, Crimson has their artifact offline!"
  • Palmer: "Acknowledged. Excellent work."

The chamber begins to tremble and fall apart.

  • Roland: "Spartan Miller! That whole place is going to come down on Crimson's head!"
  • Miller: "I noticed, Roland. Crimson! Move! Now! Get out of there!"

Crimson heads for the exit. Suddenly they start floating in the air and dropping to the ground at random, damaging their shields.

  • Miller: "Roland, what's happening?!"
  • Roland: "Localized gravity fluctuations. Things could be... weird down there, Crimson. Be careful."
  • Miller: "Gravity's just gonna get weirder the closer to the sun we get!"

Crimson makes it through the tunnel. Upon exiting, they encounter a group of Sangheili - including several cloaked Zealots.

  • Miller: "Oh, come on! What the hell?!"
  • Roland: "Some of the more religiously devoted, it seems. They'll reactivate the artifact if you give them the chance."
  • Miller: "Not gonna happen! Take 'em down, Crimson!"

Crimson kills all the Elites. They exit the cave.

  • Roland: "That's the last of them!"
  • Miller: "Where the hell is Murphy?"
  • Dalton: "He should be there. Murphy! Come in!"

A Pelican arrives.

  • Murphy: "Settle down. I didn't go nowhere. Just had to fall back to keep her from getting boarded."

Pelican lands. Crimson gets on board.


  • Murphy: "I've got 'em, Miller! We're on our way out!"

The Pelican lifts off as Requiem continues to fall apart all around them.

  • Miller: "Great work, Crimson! Now hurry back to Infinity so we can all go home!"

Pelican flies through the falling debris and escapes the planet.


Level ends.


In the Spartan Ops menu, the mission is called "One Last Time". While on Halo Waypoint, the mission is called "Try it Again".