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The Didact's Gift

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The Chase


Memento Mori (cinematic)

The Didact's Gift
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Halo 4


Fireteam Crimson




Galileo Base, Requiem


Defend Galileo Base.

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Although 'Mdama escaped, 'the Didact's Gift' was successfully retrieved and is being held at Galileo Base.

The Didact's Gift is the fifth chapter of Spartan Ops' fourth episode, Didact's Hand.[1]


Fireteam Crimson has taken "the Didact's Gift" to Galileo Base where it is being examined when Robert Dalton detects incoming Phantoms. Crimson is forced to fight off the attackers because the base's defenses have been deactivated. One of the scientists chose to reroute power from the defenses to run a mini-reactor. After reactivating the defenses, Crimson is able to repel the Covenant attackers, only to be informed that they must restore power to the reactor or its shielding will fail and the resulting meltdown will destroy Galileo Base. After reactivating the reactor Crimson is immediately besieged by Prometheans. Meanwhile, Commander Sarah Palmer orders Fireteam Majestic to Galileo to retrieve "the Didact's Gift" and escort it to the UNSC Infinity. After the base is cleared of hostiles, Majestic arrives to retrieve the asset.


Note: All dialogue is spoken through the COM.


The camera pans across Galileo Base, then cuts inside one of the buildings where a scientist is working at a console, scanning the Didact's Gift.

  • Dalton: "Crimson, just a heads-up that your ride will be there shortly. Until then, sit back, relax and - Hold on! Commander Palmer! Spartan Miller! Something's happening at Galileo Base!"


  • Miller: "How can... Commander, Dalton's right. Galileo's under attack!"
  • Miller: "Look out, there's a Phantom headed your way!"

A Phantom arrives and deposits a wave of Covenant attackers, including a Ghost. Crimson defeats them:

  • Dalton: "Commander Palmer, I'm seeing several dozen Phantoms in the vicinity of Galileo Base."
  • Miller: "That means the bad guys are gonna keep coming."
  • Palmer: "Excellent battle analysis, Miller. I'm making a note for your file."

Another Phantom approaches.

  • Miller: "Watch out, Crimson. Another Phantom incoming."
  • Miller: "How many are there?"

Another Phantom appears.

  • Miller: "Crimson, Phantom!"
  • Palmer: "Wait a second. Why aren't facility defenses online?"
  • Miller: "Don't know... I can't bring them up remotely either, Commander. Working on it."

Another Phantom arrives.

  • Miller: "There's another Phantom!"
  • Palmer: "Commander Palmer to Galileo Base. Doctor Owen. Doctor! Your base defenses are offline!"
  • Dr. Owen: "They are? Sonuva... Doctor Alexander was talking about using the power from the defenses to run a mini-reactor. I told him not to!"
  • Palmer: "Freaking eggheads."
  • Miller: "More Phantoms!"
  • Miller: "Watch out, Crimson!"

A Phantom deposits a pair of Hunters.

  • Miller: "Watch out! Hunters in the area!"
  • Miller: "Crimson, looks like turret power has been routed to this location. If you can make it there, you can activate the defenses."

Power source is marked on HUD

  • Miller: "There's the power source, Crimson."
  • Palmer: "Turn on the base defenses! Now!"

A beacon appears in the basement of a building. The player activates the console and the turrets immediately begin firing.

  • Miller: "Turrets online, Commander."
  • Palmer: "That should help keep the skies clear, but the ground's still your problem, Crimson."

All Phantoms are destroyed and all ground forces eliminated.

  • Miller: "Commander, the Forerunner tech Crimson tapped is paying off. The whole Covenant net is talking about trying to retrieve the Promethean soul."
  • Palmer: "OK, so we know what's going on for once. Dalton, who have we got close?"
  • Dalton: "Looks like Majestic's your best bet there, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Tell them to saddle up. They're headed to Galileo Base fast as you can get them there. They're picking up a package while Crimson holds down the fort."
  • Dalton: "On it, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Bullets outweigh science today, Doc."
  • Dr. Alexander: "Science is going to kill us all! If you don't restore power to that mini-reactor, its shielding will fail and wipe Galileo off the map!"
  • Palmer: "Why is nothing ever simple?"
  • Miller: "Head back here, Crimson. Hurry!"

A beacon appears in the lower level of the far building. As the player enters the building numerous Prometheans translocate.

  • Miller: "Ahhh! Promethean Knights!"
  • Palmer: "Put them down, Crimson!"

The player activates the mini-reactor.

  • Miller: "Lots of activity nearby. Be ready for anything, Crimson."

Several waves of Prometheans attack Crimson.

  • Dalton: "Commander, Majestic's Pelican is inbound."
  • Palmer: "Doctor Owen, prep our prize for transit."
  • Dr. Owen: "On it, Commander."
  • Palmer: "Crimson, you just keep being awesome down there."
  • Miller: "Commander-"
  • Palmer: "I see it, too. Crimson, heavy enemy movement, coming your way. Ready up."

Crimson kills most of the Prometheans. Beacons appear on the remaining hostiles.

  • Palmer: "Crimson, clear out all the remaining Promethean targets."

As Crimson kills the last Promethean, another wave appears.

  • Palmer: "You've still got some Promethean stragglers, Crimson. Take 'em down."

Crimson kills them all.


A Pelican flies toward Galileo, swoops in and lands atop a building

  • Miller: "There's Majestic, Commander."
  • Palmer: "OK. Doctor Owen, you've got a courier coming your way in the form of a Spartan."
  • Dr. Owen: "We're ready."


Level ends.