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The following are lists of animals native and natural to human, Covenant, and Forerunner worlds.

Native to human worlds[edit]

Creature Homeworld(s)
Bat[1] Earth
Blue whale[2] Earth
Bonobo Chimpanzee[3] Earth
Cat[4][5] Earth
Chicken[6] Earth
Chirping spider Gao
Clam[7] Earth
Cobra[8] Earth
Cattle[8] Earth
Cephradon[9] Sundown
Cricket[10] Earth
Crocodile[11] Earth
Dog[12] Earth
Dwarka squirrel[13] Dwarka
Eagle[14] Earth
Elephant fish[15] Earth
Erebus creature Erebus VII
Fireflies Earth
Fish (Africa) Earth
Frilled salamander Gao
Gigantopithecus[16] Earth
Ghost scorpion Gao
Giant crocodile Terceira
Glowfish Gao
Goat[17] Earth
Great red shark New Carthage
Gull[18] Earth
Gúta[19] Reach
Harvest Whale Harvest
Harvest bird Harvest
Honey badger[20] Earth
Honey bee[21] Earth
Horse[22] Earth
Hyaline crayfish Gao
Ice shark[23] Draco III
Idjom Gao
Jungaloon Gao
Koi[24] Earth
Mourning warbler Earth, Sedra
Moon crab Myer's Moon
Moose[25] Earth
Moa[26][19] Reach, Gannick 22
Navorca[9] Sundown
Naeori[27] Draco III
No-shell snail Gao
Owl[28] Earth
Parrot[29] Earth
Paelosur[30] Alluvion, Beta Gabriel
Pheru Faun Hakkor
Pigeon[31] Earth
Pterodactyl[32] Earth, Cronkee (non-canonically)
Qothal Alluvion, Beta Gabriel
Rat[33][34][35] Earth
Ribbon-snake Gao
River dolphin[36] Earth
Sardans cat Meridian
Saurio Gao
Scale lizard Carrow
Shirm Gao
Snail[37] Earth
Spadehorn[38] Reach
Speckled jungle dragon Gao
Squid[7] Earth
Squirrel[39] Earth
Starling[40] Earth
Swallow[41] Earth
Swamp Rat[42] Earth
Trout[43] Earth
Tuna[44] Earth
Turkey[45] Earth
Tyrannosaurus rex[32] Earth, Cronkee (non-canonically)
Varroa mite[46] Earth
Walking snail Gao
White sturgeon[47] Earth, Sedra
Wildebeest[11] Earth
Wolf[48] Earth
Zebra[49] Earth

Native on Covenant worlds[edit]

Creature Homeworld
Arkon taa Sanghelios
Colo Sanghelios
Covenant koi High Charity
Covenant pest High Charity
Doarmir Sanghelios
Degaeorth Doisac
Du'nak Rahnelo
Eilifula Janjur Qom
Electric kesh Sanghelios
Folasteed Janjur Qom
Garfren Janjur Qom
Grattle-bah shrew Doisac
Helioskrill Sanghelios
High Charity bird High Charity
Hopping slug Sanghelios
Ilpdor Janjur Qom
Kalcoom Doisac (presumably)
Karo'etba‎ Sanghelios
Keifra Sanghelios
Kryn'qodon Sanghelios
Kuscatu Sanghelios
Maegophet Sanghelios
Mud wasp Balaho
Nelosh Janjur Qom
Nishum Sanghelios
Octopoda Balaho
Okadoth Sanghelios
Orzil Sanghelios
Qoerith slug Suban
Quillick Sanghelios
Rakscraja Janjur Qom
'sKelln Sanghelios
Sangheili beetle Sanghelios
Sangheili slitherer Sanghelios
Shade crab Balaho
Skorken Sanghelios
Snap-tail Sanghelios
Thremaleon Sanghelios
Thorn Beast Doisac (presumably)
Unidentified aquatic creature Sanghelios
Velithra Sanghelios
Vespin Sanghelios
Zap-jelly Balaho

Found on Forerunner worlds[edit]

Main article: Forerunner fauna and flora
Creature Installations
Butterfly Installation 00
Chaefka Installation 00
Installation 00 bird Installation 00
Deer-like animal Installation 07
Fish Installation 05
Glebos Shield World 0673
Logrodite Genesis
Lumenon Rhotero, Genesis
Mammoth Installation 00
Morolaath Installation 00
Moth Installation 04
Olfmeri Installation 00
Rangmejo Installation 00

Installation 03

Installation 05

Shield World 0459 bird Shield World 0459
Sea worm Installation 04
Seclusion avian Seclusion

Unknown origin[edit]


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Concept art[edit]

Aquatic animals[edit]

Flying animals[edit]

Land animals[edit]


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