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Sea worms swimming in shallow water

Sea worms are tiny mundane creatures of Installation 04. They are creatures that can be seen in the shallow waters of the Silent Cartographer. They are very small, and wriggle around near the surface of the water. You can see these worms if you walk into the ocean around the Cartographer level, until you are submerged in water but still in shallow water. They are harmless to the player, and they do not interact with your character at all.[1] These and the moths of 343 Guilty Spark are also the only known indigenous creatures on Alpha Halo.


  • These worms are listed under rain particles in modding programs like HMT and HHT. This means they will still move when using a time freeze mod.
  • When they are shot, no blood flies out because they have no collision model.
  • The worms do not appear with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary's remastered graphics.

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