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Nor Fel: "I hear Sundown is nice this time of year."
Rion Forge: "Sundown is nice anytime of year."
— A conversation between Nor Fel and Rion Forge[1]

Sundown is a human colony that is governed by the Unified Earth Government. Sundown is a tropical, water-rich world with archipelagos of mountainous islands that scatter its oceans. The planet has an unusual tilt that leads to a perpetual sunset-like hue in the sky during the daytime on Sundown, and an aurora borealis at night that gives off colors of blue, pink, and green. Cephradons and navorcas were native to Sundown's warm salt water seas.[2]

The planet is a popular destination for vacations. Cable cars allow individuals to travel between the peaks of the mountains and across islands. Private villas made up of luxury tiki huts, connected with boardwalks, stood atop wooden pillars over Sundown's seas.[2] Following the Human-Covenant War in 2553, Gunnery Sergeant Edward Buck and Captain Veronica Dare vacationed on Sundown together during their week of shore leave; Jun-A266 attempted and failed to recruit Buck into the SPARTAN-IV program at this time.[3]

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