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Lydus' clan

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Lydus' clan
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Government overview


Feudal sub-dictatorship



Societal overview



Official language(s):

Jiralhanae language

Technology level:

Native Tier 4/Adopted Tier 2


Lydus' clan is a Jiralhanae master-pack under the leadership of Chieftain Lydus and in control of the Oth Sonin system in 2558.[1][2]


Following the collapse of the Covenant, the clan emerged as one of the dominant master-packs in the ongoing conflict with the Swords of Sanghelios under Arbiter Thel 'Vadam. By 2558, the Jiralhanae were facing a serious shortage of both food and resources. Despite the fact that the San'Shyuum had settled the Jiralhanae on several resource rich worlds as security, the Jiralhanae's technological backwardness meant that they could not mine and process the resources on their worlds, forcing them to raid Sangheili worlds to claim their already processed resources. However, even with raiding, the Jiralhanae were unable to sustain themselves in the long run, resulting in the Jiralhanae facing a massive species wide famine.[1]

Because of this, Lydus and the clan were willing to negotiate a peace with the Sangheili, allowing them access to their resources in exchange for food. Fleet Admiral Terrence Hood of the UNSC Navy agreed to serve as a moderator between Lydus and Thel 'Vadam on Ealen IV. Lydus and his clan brought a fleet with them as escort, to serve as a deterrent to the Sangheili fleet and the UNSC Infinity, while Lydus brought a Captain Major and Bodyguard as escorts. However, the delegates were attacked by mercenaries under Shipmaster Vata 'Gajat.[1]

In space, communications were cut off between the fleets in orbit and the surface. Lydus's pack-brothers assumed that the UNSC were blocking their communication. Though Commander Bradley tried to convince them otherwise,[3] the Jiralhanae assumed that the UNSC and the Sangheili had betrayed the peace talks, and prepared to attack the Sangheili, only stopping when Captain Thomas Lasky and Spartan Naiya Ray managed to restore communications with the fleets. Lydus, 'Vadam, and Hood were able to escape at the cost of Fireteam Bailey, saving the ambassadors but leaving hope of peace between the clan and the Sangheili in doubt.[4]

Military structure[edit]

In 2558, the clan maintained the original Jiralhanae ranks of the Covenant military, even five years after the collapse of the Covenant proper.[1]

Classes Jiralhanae
Ranks and type classes
Infantry Minor
Specialists Bodyguard
Officers Captain Major
Captain Ultra
Commanders Shipmaster

Military assets[edit]

The clan's military assets were very diverse, utilizing both Covenant weaponry, such as the Type-25 plasma pistol and Type-1 plasma grenade, and the Jiralhanae's native weaponry, such as the Type-25 Spiker. Leaders, such as Captains and Chieftains, used the Type-2 gravity hammer.[1][4] In terms of vehicles, the clan has been seen making use of the Type-25 Spirit as a dropship. In terms of space vessels, the clan possessed both CAS-class assault carriers and CCS-class battlecruisers.[4]

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