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Halo 2: Anniversary cut content

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The release of Halo 2: Anniversary Multiplayer has seen a fair number of cut, unused, and carried over content from the title hidden away in its files, many of which have never seen a release to any capacity. Below is all available information on that content.

Power Ups[edit]

Damage Boost[edit]

Files exist for the Halo 4 power up of the same name, however picking it up automatically applies the Speed Boost effect.


Wraith Gunner[edit]

Functions near identical to it's Halo 4 usage, albeit lacking an overheat indicator. it still uses it's lower detail textures from Halo 4

Rocket Hog[edit]

While almost completely functional, the textures for the Missle Pod Turret appear to still be a lower resolution carry over from Halo 4.


Halo 4 Energy Sword[edit]

Visually Identical to the Halo 4 Energy Sword, appears completely functional using original Halo 4 Animations and SFX.

Halo 4 Assault Rifle[edit]

Uses the same animations as the Halo 4 MA5D, causing the weapon to become misaligned with Elite animations. it has a broken audio loop causing the weapon firing SFX to stack indefinitely.

Armor Abilities[edit]

Active Camo[edit]

Visually identical to its Halo 4 counterpart. Set up much like the Armor ability from the campaign component of H2A while also sharing the radar jammer effect from Halo 4, it lacks the needed stats to reset the charge to 0 when canceled.


An assorted number of leftover elements exist in the files, though none of it appears completely functional.


Chief (Halo 4)[edit]

Three untextured versions exist, the other two being internally named "keep_for_sp" and "strip_for_mp" respectively. possibly intended for early testing and development purposes.


Both Male and Female variants exist with their associated techsuits. oddly the Male techsuit is the only textured asset, still using its original Halo 4 textures.

Flood Elite[edit]

Files exist alluding to a Flood variant of Elite being planned much like the Spartans, although the concept was ultimately dropped as the biped remains unchanged.


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