Type-48 Weevil

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This article is about the artillery piece encountered in Halo 2. For the artillery weapon in Spartan Ops, see Covenant burst artillery.
Type-48 Artillery Platform
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Human-Covenant War


The Type-48 Artillery Platform (T-48 AP), colloquially known as the Weevil,[1] is a Covenant field artillery piece. Several Weevils were deployed on the beaches of Old Mombasa during the Covenant invasion of the city on October 20, 2552.[2]

Production notes[edit]

The Weevil was first seen (albeit unidentified) in the Halo 2 E3 demo, in which it is much larger than the version in the final game. In the demo, a Weevil emplaced on top of a building in New Mombasa is used against UNSC forces in the city. The weapon fires orbs of plasma that travel in a parabolic arc, much like the Wraith's plasma mortar. Early in the demo, the artillery piece is encountered by the Master Chief and a group of Marines. Sergeant Banks calls in an air strike to destroy the weapon shortly after its introduction. Contrary to its significant role in the demo, the scaled-down version of the weapon that appears in the retail version of the game is never seen in use.[2]




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