Surface-to-air missile launcher

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A SAM launcher in Outpost C9.

The surface-to-air missile launcher, colloquially known as the SAM site,[1] is a UNSC weapons emplacement.


The surface-to-air missile launcher is a large multiple-launch-system emplacement, firing the ASRGAM 10X surface-to-air missile.

Such weapons were in use by the UNSC in Voi and Outpost C9 during the Battle of Earth.


  • The Surface-to-Air Missile launcher is present in Halo 3 on the Campaign levels The Storm and Floodgate, as well on the multiplayer level High Ground. It is unusable and serves only as scenery.
  • For High Ground, Bungie had tried to have the SAM site AI-controlled, so that when players are charging up the map, there would be a risk of being killed by the launcher. Bungie had its AI capabilities removed, mainly because there was too much firepower coming down on the attackers.[2]


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