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MK50 Sidekick

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MK50 Sidekick
Cutout of the redesigned MK50 Sidekick.
Production overview


Emerson Tactical Systems[1]




Ammunition type:

Cal. 10mm[1]

Feed system:

12-round detachable box magazine[1]

Rate of fire:


Service history

The MK50 Sidekick is a type of human pistol manufactured by Emerson Tactical Systems in service with the UNSC.[1]



The MK50 Sidekick is a powerful and compact[2] semi-automatic handgun which fires 10mm rounds from a 12-round detachable box magazine. It is significantly distinctive from the UNSC's typically-employed M6 series in both form and function, as it lacks the hand-guard and typical smart-linked optic of the latter series, as well as being chambered in a substantially smaller ammunition type than the M6's 12.7mm rounds. The design of the MK50 is relatively simplistic, with a segmented slide and basic, analogue ironsights. A safety switch is present on the left side of the weapon, above the trigger-guard. Emerson Tactical Systems' emblem is worked into the grip. The MK50 used in 2560 by John-117 featured a matte black and olive green finish.[1]


The MK50 can hold 12 rounds with at least 72 rounds in reserve. It appears to be headshot-capable and features a very rapid reload animation.[1]

Production notes[edit]

The Sidekick was designed as a true sidearm pistol, being lightning fast to draw and fire, acting as a reliable backup when the player's primary weapon is depleted. Compared to the Magnums of previous titles, the Sidekick was described being closest in function to Halo 2's M6C magnum.[3] In April 2021, it was shown that the Sidekick had received a redesign since its reveal in July 2020. It would now include an underbarrel attachment similar to those featured on the M6C/SOCOM and the Tactical variant of the M6H2 Magnum, as well as some other small changes.[4]



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