Weapon customization/Model/MK50

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MK50 Sidekick
Weapon Model Manufacturer Lore Rarity Unlock Requirements
Icon of the Critpoint Shroud Weapon Model.
Critpoint Shroud
343 Industries Exponentially increases the weapon's visual appeal. It also makes it look cooler. Epic Purchase "Maltese Mayhem Weapon Set" Bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR (or 800 cR during a sale)
Icon of the M90 Shroud Weapon Model.
M90 Shroud
Weapon System Technology Marketed towards the police and self-defense markets. Legendary Purchase "Pop Weapon Set" Bundle from the Shop for 800 cR
Icon of the Mk50 Groovegrip weapon model.
MK50 Groovegrip
Lux Voluspa A favorite sidearm of tech-savvy mercenary groups and security firms. Epic Cyber Showdown II Event Pass level 5
MK50 Swiftguard weapon model menu icon.
MK50 Swiftguard
Emerson Tactical Systems Emerson-developed data acquisition suite with real time targeting telemetry meant to integrate directly with the latest VISR displays and tactical uplink protocols. The latest beta-build firmware provides improved end-to-end data encryption and increased compatibility with vintage UNSC protocols. Epic Purchase "Warning Signs" Bundle from the Shop for 1,500 cR
Icon of the Tacticlamp Weapon Model.
Weapon System Technology A frame-mounted, non-reciprocating shroud with accessory rails. Rare Purchase "Tacticlamp 117" Bundle from the Shop for 1,000 cR
Legendary, Banished, Chop chop.
Vicious Sidekick
Banished Chop chop. Epic Purchase "Cestus" Bundle from the Shop for 2,400 cR