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Ground assault
Field operations commander
Sangheili personal energy shield
Type-3 active camouflage




Jul 'Mdama's Covenant
Swords of Sanghelios[1]
Vata 'Gajat's mercenary group

Notable individuals:


Warrior is a class of Sangheili combatants serving in the Covenant[2] and its remnants.[3][4]


The Sangheili Warrior class in Jul 'Mdama's Covenant is entirely made up of seasoned war veterans who survived the Human-Covenant War and did not operate in leadership positions, but took many lives. They are rarely encountered due to their relatively low numbers.[5] Known for their powerful energy shields and usually-devastating weaponry, Warriors are considered some of the most fearsome members of Jul 'Mdama's faction.[4] They are extremely aggressive and durable fighters, and are particularly devastating when fighting in groups.



Warriors wear golden armor with green highlights, denoting their status as field commanders.[6] In Warzone this harness is often colored maroon.

Their armor, especially the helmet, is quite similar in appearance to that worn by Sangheili Generals in service to the Covenant; however, it is a duller shade of gold and leaves the wearer's forearms exposed. The helmet is an elaborate, accentuated design. The pauldrons use a shield-bolstering pauldron system to increase shield strength. The cuisse is of the spaded design. The greaves are high framed and are ridge-locked, with ornamental raised-claws.[5]


Sangheili Warriors are typically armed with Vostu-pattern carbines, Type-33 Needlers, and Kelos'vaarda-pattern storm rifles. They also frequently wield Pez'tk-pattern fuel rod guns and can throw plasma grenades with a high level of accuracy. By October 2558, Sangheili Warriors began to use Mosa-pattern carbines, Type-56D needlers, Gespu-pattern fuel rod guns and Tufasumo-pattern plasma casters.[7]


The easiest way to bring down a Sangheili Warrior is to disable its shields with an overcharged plasma pistol shot, then follow up with a precision headshot. Players can also use a binary rifle or sniper rifle to kill the Warrior in one or two shots. Active camouflage also allows players to sneak up on a Warrior and assassinate it from behind. When facing a Warrior wielding a fuel rod gun, one should always take cover and wait for it to stop shooting before returning fire.


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