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Gorespike cannon
The Gorespike cannon on Deadlock.
Production overview


Crucibles of Voinmel[1]


Anti-aerospace weapon[2]

In service:

Battle for Zeta Halo[3]


The Kywasky Workshop shipbreaker,[1] also known as the Gorespike cannon, is a large anti-aerospace weapon emplacement designed and utilized by the Banished.[2] This model of cannon was seen deployed in multiple locations across Installation 07 as they fought to control the ring in early 2560. On May 28, 2560 the Banished used three of them to shoot down Pelican Echo 216.[3][4]


Operational history[edit]

The Banished made use of Gorespike cannons in various locations across Installation 07 during their occupation of the Halo. Gorespike Cannons were manufactured by the Crucibles of Voinmel and developed by the Kwasky workshop.[1] At some point, the UNSC Panama encountered a network of these cannons after being separated from its battle group.[5][2] The Mulsanne-class light frigate had been forcibly driven into the cannon's killbox by squadrons of Banished hunter-killer warships. Attempting to buy time for the frigate to find cover or evacuate its supplies and crew, Spartan ground teams were deployed in a last-ditch effort to cripple or destroy the control node for the cannon network.[2]

A trio of the cannons managed to shoot down Pelican Echo 216 as it ferried John-117 across the Halo's surface on May 28, 2560. Leaving behind the Pelican and the pilot, the Master Chief fought his way through defending Banished forces at each cannon and destroyed their power cores with the help of the Weapon, taking out the cannons. At the first two cannons, after the Master Chief got inside of the control room, Banished War Chief Escharum contacted him via a holographic transmission to taunt the Spartan and challenge him to a final battle between them, "a true test of legends." After all three cannons were destroyed, Escharum dispatched Tovarus and Hyperius of the Hand of Atriox Spartan Killers after the Master Chief, but he managed to kill them both. No longer pinned down by the cannons, Echo 216 was able to take off once again and resume its mission.[4]


  • The multiplayer map Deadlock in Halo Infinite is set under and around one of these Gorespike cannons. When a team scores a point in objective modes, the gun will fire at the UNSC Panama floating above the map.[5]


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