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Technical specifications


Jet engines[1]







  • Attack and assault[2]
  • Troop carrier[3]


Gao Republic


A Wyvern is a heavily armed, combination ground-attack and troop carrier aircraft used by the Gao Republic's Ministry of War.[2]


A Wyvern is a dark, delta-winged aircraft armed with large amounts of weaponry,[4] including missiles and turrets manned by gunners.[2] They have jet engines and wing-mounted rotors to provide lift and allowed them to travel at high speeds.[1] Wyverns are equipped with forward-looking, infrared, augmented imaging systems that allows the occupants manning the turrets to find and track targets on the ground.[2] Combination ground-attack and troop carrier craft, Wyverns are considered ungainly and slow by the standards of the United Nations Space Command. Capable of carrying twenty passengers,[3] Wyvern can also carry a relatively large complement of Gao battle-jumpers that they can deploy into engagements via drop lines attached to the bellies of the aircraft[2] and accessed by hatches.[1]

Operational history[edit]

On July 6, 2553, President of Gao Arlo Casille issued the order to launch Wyverns against the United Nations Space Command forces looking for an ancilla on Gao.[5] Blue Team and Special Inspector Veta Lopis fled the pursuing Wyverns in M12 Warthogs with the ancilla down the Road of Wonders, occasionally firing shoulder-mounted missile launchers to discourage the aircraft. The Spartans eventually managed to destroy two of the aircraft.[1] Hoping to cause a distraction, Lopis mislead Casille into recalling most of the Wyverns to the Singing Grottos while the Warthogs continued towards the Well of Echoes to use a HAVOK tactical nuclear weapon to blow up the Forerunner installation beneath Gao's surface.[6] Blue Team and Lopis dropped the HAVOK into the Well of Echoes and escaped on Owl Silent Claw with the ancilla; as a dozen Wyverns attempted to pursue, the nuke detonated and destroyed the aircraft.[7]


A wyvern is an old more serpentine style of dragon with two wings and two legs.

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