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Winter Contention cover art.
Winter Contention keyart.

Halo: Winter Contention (sometimes styled Winter Contention: A Halo Waypoint Chronicle) is a short story written by 343 Industries, released on February 8, 2023, to celebrate the Halo Infinite in-game Noble Intention event. The story follows the Spartan supersoldiers of Noble Team during the Defense of Concord seven months prior to the Fall of Reach, and features the first major appearance of Rosenda-A344 in Halo media and the first appearance of Thom-A293 since his debut and death in Deliver Hope. Accordingly, the story's cover artwork depicts a stylistic take on the original Halo: Reach Noble Team artwork recreated with Halo Infinite art assets, albeit with Rosenda and Thom replacing Emile-A239 and Noble Six, respectively.[1]

As with the previous story in the Halo Waypoint Chronicle series, Halo: Vertical Umbrage, the story is available as an audiobook on YouTube narrated by Alex Wakeford.[2]

Official synopsis[edit]

"December 2551. Though the Covenant invasion of Concord has seen a rare UNSC victory, the Spartans of Noble Team find themselves stranded in a remote hinterland town. Though the Covenant’s orbital presence has been neutralized, the remaining alien survivors have regrouped and prepare to make a devastating final stand.
With dwindling time and no reinforcements, Kat-B320 comes up with a daring plan to do what Spartans do best and turn the tide—and it’s up to Thom-A293 and Rosenda-A344 to make it happen.[2]


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