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UNSC Marine Corps Dress Uniform

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Sergeant Major Avery Johnson (right) in white dress

The UNSC Marine Corps Dress Uniform is the standard uniform worn by the members of the UNSC Marine Corps during special occasions such as parties, parades, and memorial services, as opposed to the Battle Dress Uniform, which is worn in garrison and combat situations.[1]


The Marine Corps uses several types of dress uniform, a different one worn depending on occasion.

White dress[edit]

The white uniform consists of a double-breasted white jacket with gold-colored buttons, and white trousers.[2] The seams of the jacket on the left breast and right shoulder are picked out with black stitching. Rank insignia is displayed on epaulets regardless of whether the wearer is an officer or an NCO. Medals are worn with this uniform on the left breast. Headgear is a white-topped peaked cap with a black visor. The white uniform is be worn during award ceremonies.[2]

Black dress[edit]

The black uniform consists of a black jacket and trousers and a pair of white gloves. Medal ribbons are worn on the left breast, and qualification and branch badges are also worn on the jacket. Unit insignia is worn on the right upper sleeve, and service stripes denoting years of service are worn on the jacket cuffs. Officer rank insignia is worn on the epaulettes. The UNSC Eagle is displayed on metal discs worn on the collar. Personnel who are entitled to may wear an aiguillette with this uniform.

This uniform is worn by the Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, though whether it is used by the rest of the Marine Corps is unclear. It is worn at funerals,[3] though ODSTs may wear Dress Blues at funerals instead.[4]

Blue dress[edit]

A blue dress uniform nicknamed "Dress Blues" was used by the Marines in 2524. It is known to consist of a navy-blue jacket with brass buttons, and enlisted rank insignia was worn in the form of gold chevrons on the jacket sleeve. [5] Captain Ponder wore his dress blues during the meeting between the humans and the Jiralhanae in 2525, right before the First Battle of Harvest.[6] A Marine commemorated by the Voi Memorial is pictured in his Dress Blues.[1]


  • The white dress uniform closely resembles the now-obsolete white dress uniform in service with the United States Marine Corps during World War II. The modern USMC uses Dress Blues.
  • Bungie collaborated with the costume designer from Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers to design the UNSC Marine black dress uniform depicted in The Life short film, complete with the insignia and rank displays.[7]


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