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late 2555 - ????[1]


United Nations Space Command[1]






Captain Annabelle Richards[1]


Project: BOOKWORM was a


Assets, facilities, and personnel

Captain Annabelle Richards, former head of ONI Special Operations, served as Project: BOOKWORM's director by June of 2557.[1] She was aided by the project's head of xenoarchaeology, Doctor William Iqbal.

Chapter 13. Facility at Voi, Kenya (middle of savannah) June 2557.

Facility designed and built to hold 343 GS should they ever find him (if there was anything to find). Behind glossy white walls/floor/ceiling of man-made corridor is km of fiber optics, cables, and reverse engineered Forerunner tech. Elaborate/sophisticated labrynth designed to trap, confound, and essentially cut off GS from the rest of the galaxy. Facility's AI is Ferguson. Annabelle had recived a top-secret missive saying the Rubicon was broadcasting a distress signal from an uninhabited planet in the Ibycus system after three years lost. Intel reached her a few weeks after cargo ship picked up the faint signal and passed along the info to the authorities. Annabelle took over once it reached her. Her team had been out on maneuvers (were excellent) on Titan at the time. She found the closest ONI vessel in the sector (Taurokado) and ordered them to secure the site for her team once their current mission was complete. Ordered to orbit Geranos-a and strict ordered to avoid surface contact/engagement of any kind. Now (June) Annabelle's team had just returned. They'd been waiting and hoping for a break like this. Many times during her short tenure when she'd wondered if the preparation/effort of the last 1.5 years would be for nothing. BOOKWORM created to interview, interrogate, and study GS. At its heart are two of the most highly classified and important pieces of data ONI had ever recovered. Bornstellar Relation (Spring of 2554 in Onyx) and data drop recovered from deep space in late 2555--exact date unknown but was ejected from someone/something on the Rubicon. BOOKWORM came into being shortly afterward. Annabelle's job as director was to compartmentalize information (project thouroughly compartmentalized) between divisions so that noone knew the full scope of the project while coordinating effort to find GS, to study him, and ultimately determine whether the shocking claims in his account were true. His testimony had gone through dozens of translations, which were then run through ONI's statbots (sole function to analyze and predict probabilities and causalities based on the text), but there were still questions left unanswered, things that didn't add up, and eventualities they had to prepare for. There's a chance he wants to be found since he wants to come to Earth. Concluded GS is an unreliable narrator with an unclear motive for relating his tale. Personnel here eager to study the monitor; see how it survived so long without devolving into complete rampancy. Facility partially underground. Surface has an airfield, two hangars, comm tower, and personnel quarters. Annabelle's team: Captain Hollier (Eclipse-class prowler Bad Moon rising, already readying for journey to Geranos-a). Ferguson briefed them on the way in. Hollier just knew to investigate source of the signal and contain and remains of a Forerunner AI thought to be aboard for study. Working containment chamber (pod). Mistakes with Intrepid Eye had been learned from. They'd had many discussions about the mission and many trials and maneuvers and simulations to prepare them. BMR has six-member AR team Annabelle carefully selected (all pulled years ago from elite special ops forces from across the UNSC and within ONI's Delta-6 candidate pool) Prowler would begin a hard self-desruct sequence if GS tried to take it over. BMR support staff: trauma medic and Thea (complete knowledge of BOOKWORM's purpose) Head of xenoarcheology: Dr. William Iqbal. Multiple teams standing by.

Chapter 21

GS eludes capture thanks to Ace of Spades. Hugo Barton incensed that his ship/team were pulled off course, since his research is so important. Annabelle argues GS is a far higher priority and Taurakdo was the closest ship. Osman had approved transfer-of-command. She'd put up with demeaning lectures from Barton for the last year. He'd been an obvious choice to consult on BOOKWORM due to experience overseeing Trevelyan research facility and uncovering Bornstellar relation. Osman had chosen Annabelle to run point on BOOKWORM. Didn't know Rubicon existed or Bornstellar relation until after interview process was over, job was hers, and security clearances came through. BMR arrived in Ibycus system. Report from Lieutenant Commander Radeen.

Chapter 23

BOOKWORM not just about GS or the Librarian: all roads led to the Domain in the end.

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