M247 General Purpose Machine Gun Turret Autocannon

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M247 General Purpose Machine Gun Turret Autocannon
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Production overview





Fully automatic

Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War[1]


The M247 General Purpose Machine Gun Turret Autocannon[2][Note 1] is an autocannon commonly employed as an armament atop the M312 Elephant. The cannon is ostensibly a variant of the M247 machine gun, though typically bears more resemblance to the base turret employed in the defense of Firebase modules.[1]


The M247 GPMGT Autocannon can be equipped on the Elephant with the Defense Turret upgrade, the vehicle's second upgrade. Once unlocked, the turret will unfold whenever the Elephant is in lockdown mode, allowing it additional defensive measures while vulnerable and unable to move. This upgrade requires 500 resources and a tech level of 2.


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  1. ^ Although the Personnel profile released with the Halo Wars Limited Edition names the weapon as the M247 GPMGT Autocannon, the Captain Cutter personnel profile released as a Steam reward with Halo Wars: Definitive Edition names it the M247 GPMG Turret. This article utilises the former naming convention.


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