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Image Name Rarity Sale Price Energy Cost Description
REQ card - Beam Rifle.jpg Beam Rifle Rare 100 RP 6 Long-range semi-automatic energy rifle variable-zoom 4x/10x optics . Use Smart-Link to line up headshots for one-shot kills.
REQ card - Sword of the Faithful.jpg Sword of the Faithful Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 Personalized by the Prophet of Regret's majordomo. Improved Beam Rifle with enhanced hipfire accuracy, faster heat dissipation, and a higher rate of fire.
REQ card - Krith's Left Hand.jpg Krith's Left Hand Legendary 200 RP 7 Reclaimed from the notorious Kig-Yar Pirate King's personal vaults by the previous Arbiter, Ripa 'Moramee. Advanced Beam Rifle that fires a burst of energy with each pull of the trigger.
REQ card - Binary Rifle.jpg Binary Rifle Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 Semi-automatic sniper energy rifle with variable-zoom 4x/9x optics. Use Smart-Link when engaging targets at long range.
REQ card - Retina of the Mind's Eye.jpg Retina of the Mind's Eye Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 The core of this ancient weapon holds a shackled mind. Improved Binary Rifle upgraded with additional magazine capacity.
REQ Card - Twin Jewels of Maethrillian.jpg Twin Jewels of Maethrillian Legendary 200 RP 7 A twin missing its sibling. Advanced Binary Rifle modified with dual beam emitters that enhance the rifle's anti-armor utility.
REQ Card - Boltshot.jpg Boltshot Common 50 RP 1 Burst-fire energy pistol. Bolts home-in on close range targets. This new functionality appears to be related to other adaptions the Prometheans have displayed since the disappearance of the Didact.
REQ card - Closed Fist.jpg Closed Fist Uncommon 75 RP 2 Left hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Didact's loyal lieutenant. Improved Boltshot with an extended magazine and faster rate of fire.
REQ card - Open Hand.jpg Open Hand Rare 100 RP 3 Right hand of Endurance-of-Will, the Didact's loyal lieutenant. Advanced Boltshot that fires a swarm of tracking bolts with each press of the trigger.
REQ card - Brute Plasma Rifle.jpg Brute Plasma Rifle Uncommon 75 RP 2 Newly manufactured Brute Plasma Rifles continue to appear in the hands of mercenaries and raiders, though their source is unknown. All Brute Plasma Rifles are capable of unleashing a devastating fusillade of plasma bolts between emergency cooling breaks.
REQ card - Sorrow of Teash.jpg Sorrow of Teash Rare 100 RP 3 The warlords who control marauding Brute fleets and thrall colonies have the resources to procure the services of expert weapon smiths from across known space. Improved Brute Plasma Rifle with better accuracy and upgraded heat dissipation.
REQ card - Scale of Soirapt.jpg Scale of Soirapt Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Built in the image of the lifeless corpse-moon that orbits Doisac, with secrets that only the most cunning Jiralhanae can unlock. Advanced Brute Plasma Rifle with increased damage, but can also serve as an utterly lethal melee bludgeon.
REQ Card - Carbine.png Carbine Common 50 RP 2 Carbine with Holoscope. Versatile semi-automatic rifle renowned for its accuracy and long range. New production models use a streamlined manufacturing process and reactive materials in place of radioisotopes for coating projectiles.
REQ Card - Rain of Oblivion.jpg Rain of Oblivion Uncommon 75 RP 3 The Rain of Oblivion's grip has been held by a thousand heroes and a hundred villains. Upgraded Carbine with fully automatic action and extended magazine.
REQ Card - Blood of Suban.jpg Blood of Suban Rare 100 RP 4 The genius and talent of the artisan-armorers on Suban is only matched by their newfound avarice. Advanced Carbine that fires armor-piercing Needler shards. If multiple shards quickly strike a target they will create a "supercombine" explosion.
REQ Card - Energy Sword.jpg Energy Sword Uncommon 75 RP 3 Deadly plasma-based melee weapon. Successful strikes deplete the sword's limited energy charge.
REQ Card - Ravening Sliver.jpg Ravening Sliver Rare 100 RP 3 Each of these lightweight relic blades is marked by its creator and first owner, but their legacy has long since been forgotten. Improved Energy Sword that can be swung more rapidly.
REQ Card - Vorpal Talon.jpg Vorpal Talon Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Light as a feather when wielded with unrestrained malice. Advanced Energy Sword that provides additional thruster hangtime and two thruster evades per cooldown.
REQ Card - Prophet's Bane.jpg Prophets' Bane Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 6 The Arbiter awaits the San'Shyuum's inevitable return with blade in hand. Mythic Energy Sword with embedded Active Camo generator and a wider lunge radius when using Smart-Link. The sword's infectious bloodlust also increases movement speed.
REQ Card - Fuel Rod Cannon.jpg Fuel Rod Cannon Uncommon 75 RP 4 Magazine-fed, shoulder-fired heavy weapon that fires explosive fuel rods. Modern fuel rod cannons are significantly more accurate than those than used by the old Covenant; a refinement sourced from the multi-species workshops on Venezia.
REQ Card - Light of Urs.jpg Light of Urs Rare 100 RP 5 The war on Sanghelios has led to unprecedented advances in fuel rod technology. Improved Fuel Rod Cannon that fires faster-moving projectiles that do more damage.
REQ Card - Pool of Radiance.jpg Pool of Radiance Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 Both the Swords of Sanghelios and Covenant use once-forbidden armaments in their bloody civil war. Advanced Fuel Rod Cannon that fires unstable projectiles that leave a dangerous residue in their impact area.
REQ card - Gauss Turret.jpg Gauss Turret Legendary 200 RP 6 Precision anti-tank coilgun
REQ Card - Gauss Turret ONI.png ONI Gauss Turret Legendary 200 RP 5 ONI field operatives appreciate the precision and power of gauss weapons. Oni gauss cannon impacts produce lingering area of effect damage.
H5G-Corpsemaker REQ.png Corpsemaker Rare 100 RP 4 Made of the finest materials its creator could coerce or steal from raider lairs on Warial and Teash. Improved Gravity Hammer with swing time and increased lunge range.
REQ card - Gravity Hammer.jpg Gravity Hammer Rare 100 RP 3 Brutally effective melee weapon that combines a hammer with repurposed gravitic impellers on the striking face. Each smash unleashes a damaging area-of-effect pulse with knockback. Regular melee attacks are weaker, but do not consume energy.
H5G-Grinder REQ.png Grinder Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 The sound of overloading shields, cracking bones, and shattering armor is music to Jiralhanae ears. Improved Gravity Hammer that unleashes a powerful shockwave from the point of impact.
H5G-Tartarus Gavel REQ.png Tartarus' Gavel Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 7 Tartarus' loyal lieutenants were also gifted a weapon worthy of such favor. Mythic Gravity Hammer that unleashes a liner series of kinetic explosions with each swing. Equipping Tartarus' Gavel also boosts movement speed, shield strength, and jump height.
REQ card - H2 Beam Rifle.jpg Halo 2 Beam Rifle Rare 100 RP 6 The T-50 Beam Rifle is a Covenant long-range directed-energy weapon used by snipers, raiders, and scout-executors. Long-range semi-automatic energy rifle with variable-zoom optics. Use Smart-Link to line up headshots for one-shot kills.
REQ card - H2 Beam Rifle Alpha.jpg Halo 2 Beam Rifle Alpha Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 Kig-Yar snipers assigned the Fleet of Particular Justice displayed uncharacteristic bravery in their valiant defense against the Flood onslaught on Installation 04. Improved Halo 2 Beam Rifle with faster rate of fire and increased hipfire accuracy.
REQ card - H2 Beam Rifle Delta.jpg Halo 2 Beam Rifle Delta Legendary 200 RP 7 The Prophet of Truth employed an elite team armed with powerful master-crafted weapons to hunt down his political enemies during the Great Schism. Advanced Halo 2 Beam Rifle that creates an unstable gravimetric vortex at point of impact.
REQ card - Wicked Grasp.jpg Wicked Grasp Rare 100 RP 3 The Lekgolo that remain in this stolen limb retain a feral vestige of their once-expansive composite mind. The Wicked Grasp fires bursts of tracking plasma shots.
REQ card - Berserker's Claw.jpg Berserker's Claw Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Spartans are well-versed at sourcing weapons from the remains of their enemies. The Berserker's Claw fires a devastating fuel rod shot after a short charging cycle. This fuel rod will track aerial targets.
REQ card - Hydra.jpg Hydra Launcher Uncommon 75 RP 4 Portable mini-missile launcher. Use Smart-Link to lock-on to targets before firing.
REQ card - Typhon.jpg Typhon Rare 100 RP 5 What Chalybs builds, Watershed Division perfects. Improved Hydra Launcher with upgraded recoil compensation, warhead damage, and reload speed.
REQ card - Echidna.jpg Echidna Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 Experimental mini-missile warheads are just one of Chalybs Defense's many R&D projects. Advanced Hydra Launcher loaded with experimental EMP warheads capable of temporarily disabling enemy vehicles.
REQ card - Incineration Cannon.jpg Incineration Cannon Rare 100 RP 5 Heavy Cannon that fires a powerful energy charge. Main charge spawns submunitions on impact.
REQ card - River of Light.jpg River of Light Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 The war against the Flood lead to many technical advances. All proved fruitless. Improved Incineration Cannon that will unleash a long burst of energy blasts if allowed to charge up by holding the firing trigger.
REQ card - Heartseeker.jpg Heartseeker Legendary 200 RP 6 Forerunner Warrior-Servants were relentless on the hunt. Advanced Incineration Cannon that fires tracking energy charges.
REQ card - Lightrifle.jpg LightRifle Rare 100 RP 4 Accurate and powerful, LightRifles were the standard-issue weapon of ancient Promethean warriors.
REQ card - Barbed Lance.jpg Barbed Lance Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Even the most cunning stratagems and deadly artifice of Forerunner Warrior-Servants could not stop the voracious Flood. Improved LightRifle with an extended magazine and faster rate of fire.
REQ card - Dying Star.jpg Dying Star Legendary 200 RP 5 The appearance of highly mobile and mutable Flood Pure Forms quickly lead to Promethean countermeasures. Advanced LightRifle that fires adhesive pulsewave explosives; as few as three nearby explosions will prove fatal to even a shielded Spartan.
REQ Card - Whispered Truth.png Whispered Truth Ultra Rare/Mythic 150 RP 5 Let the lady talk. Mythic Magnum machine pistol with burst fire and integral silencer. Wielding the Whispered Truth increases movement speed.
REQ card - HCE Pistol.jpg Halo: Combat Evolved Pistol Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 6 You'll have to find ammo as you go. Classic Magnum with increased damage and higher recoil. Infuses the user with nostalgia and increased movement speed.
REQ card - Needler.jpg Needler Common 50 RP 2 Exotic weapon which fires shards that home in on short-range targets. If multiple shards strike a target they will detonate - creating a "supercombine" explosion. Will bounce off heavy armor, such as that used by vehicles and Hunters.
REQ card - Hailstorm.jpg Hailstorm Uncommon 75 RP 3 The Hailstorm owes much to a pre-Covenant weapon used during the volatile early-interstellar period of Sangheili history. Improved Needler which fires fast-moving crystal shards that exhibit strong homing behavior.
REQ card - Talon of the Lost.jpg Talon of the Lost Rare 100 RP 3 Sangheili miners and engineers continue to discover amazing new properties of the Subanese crystals used in Needler ammunition. Advanced Needler that fires carefully calibrated shards that can embed themselves in armor.
REQ Card - Plasma Caster.jpg Plasma Caster Uncommon 75 RP 3 Fires plasma bolts that can be bounced of terrain to reach targets behind cover. Bolts stick and will chain-detonate when fired using Smart-Link.
REQ card - Scourge of Fire.jpg Scourge of Fire Rare 100 RP 4 Modifying design patterns to enhance their performance was once considered apostasy. Improved Plasma Caster that fires two plasma bolts per shot and does not overheat.
REQ card - White Scar.jpg White Scar Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 There is little honor to be found in slaughter, but that's enough for some. Advanced Plasma Caster that fires modified bolts set to proximity detonate if hipfired and have a Needler fragmentation effect.
REQ Card - Plasma Pistol.jpg Plasma Pistol Common 50 RP 2 Semi-automatic energy pistol that fires packets of superheated plasma. Holding down the trigger, then releasing, will fire a tracking overcharge shot with an EMP effect that will disable vehicles and knock out shields.
REQ card - Spitfire.jpg Spitfire Uncommon 75 RP 3 The skill and finesse of Kig-Yar armorers should be never underestimated. Improved Plasma Pistol with faster rate of fire and reduced heat generated per shot.
REQ card - Void's Tear.jpg Void's Tear Rare 100 RP 4 Superheating exotic nuclear isomers is pure folly, but it was done with the best of intentions. Advanced Plasma Pistol with overcharged shots that create an unstable gravimetric vortex at point of impact, pulling in nearby objects then exploding.
REQ card - Plasma Turret.jpg Plasma Turret Rare 100 RP 2 Rapid-fire Plasma Cannon.
Railgun REQ.jpg Railgun Common 50 RP 4 Powerful single-shot coilgun that requires a short charge cycle before firing. Will automatically fire if the charge is held for too long.
REQ card - Whiplash.jpg Whiplash Uncommon 75 RP 4 Acheron Security has recently made great strides in developing compact fast-discharge energy cells and miniaturized sensors. Improved Railgun featuring a faster charge cycle, multiple shots per magazine, and projectiles fitted with proximity airburst fuse.
REQ card - Arclight.jpg Arclight Rare 100 RP 5 Those who can't acquire super-soldiers acquire super-weapons instead. Advanced Railgun firing armor-piercing high-explosive [APHE] projectiles. Shots take longer to charge, but can be held indefinitely.
REQ card - Grenade Launcher.jpg Grenade Launcher Uncommon 75 RP 3 M319s are single shot, break-action grenade launchers that can fire a variety of 40mm rounds. Hold trigger for alternate fuse; release trigger to manually detonate with EMP effect. The grenade can be bounced to reach around cover.
REQ card - Pro Pipe.jpg Pro Pipe Rare 100 RP 4 Professional problem solvers demand proximity fusing and dynamic ballistics. Improved Grenade Launcher rounds adjust trajectory after ricochets to maximize lethality. EMP alt-fire is retained.
REQ card - Rocket Launcher.jpg Rocket Launcher Uncommon 75 RP 5 Shoulder-fired heavy weapon widely issued to UNSC Army, Marine Corps, and Spartan infantry to counter enemy vehicles and Promethean Knights. Can fire two missiles per magazine. Lock-on to air targets using Smart-Link before firing.
REQ card - Ad Victoriam.jpg Ad Victoriam Rare 100 RP 5 There's nowhere to hide. Improved Rocket Launcher that fires two additional missiles in a "V" pattern with each shot. All three missiles can be laser-guided when using Smart-Link and feature an airburst proximity fuse.
REQ card - SPNKR EM.jpg SPNKr EM Rare 100 RP 5 Four rockets, two tubes, one launcher. Improved SPNKr Rocket Launcher with four-round magazine. SPNKr EM rockets can home on both air and ground targets.
REQ card - SPNKR Rocket Launcher.jpg SPNKr Rocket Launcher Rare 100 RP 5 Make some noise! twin-tubed shoulder-fired rocket launcher with Smart-Link sights. Rockets can lock-on to air targets.
REQ card - High Five.jpg High Five Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 BOOM! Advanced Rocket Launcher loaded with experimental submunition ammo. Each shot unleashes five Hydra mini-missiles that will lock-on to ground and air targets.
REQ card - SPNKR EX.jpg SPNKr EX Ultra Rare 150 RP 6 No place to run. No place to hide. Advanced SPNKr Rocket Launcher that laser-guided cluster munitions .SPNKr EX Rockets detonate in proximity to enemies, releasing explosive submunitions.
REQ card - SPNKR Prime.jpg SPNKr Prime Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 7 This pain train has no brakes. Mythic SPNKr Rocket Launcher that fires fast, powerful rockets. Equipping the SPNKr Prime also boosts movement speed, shield strength, and jump height.
REQ Card - Rocket Pod Turret.png Rocket Pod Turret Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Multirole missile launcher.
REQ Card - Rocket Pod Turret ONI.png ONI Rocket Turret Legendary 200 RP 5 When It's time to go loud, ONI accepts no substitutes. Fires missiles with both surface to air and surface to surface engagement profiles.
REQ card - SAW.jpg SAW Common 50 RP 4 Rapid-fire light machine gun with a large ammo capacity.
REQ card - Appetite for Destruction.jpg Appetite for Destruction Uncommon 75 RP 5 Raze everything to the ground. Improved SAW fitted with a high capacity drum magazine.
REQ card - The Answer.jpg The Answer Rare 100 RP 6 Inquiring sentients want to know. Advanced SAW with slightly slower rate of fire, but each projectile has a proximity-fused high explosive warhead.
REQ card - Scattershot.jpg Scattershot Rare 100 RP 3 Short-range semi-automatic energy shotgun. Energy projectiles ricochet off hard surfaces and exhibit homing behavior.
REQ card - Loathsome Thing.jpg Loathsome Thing Ultra Rare 150 RP 4 Stained in the ichor of uncountable foul parasites slain in a hundred thousand wretched hives. Improved Scattershot with increased damage, faster rate of fire, and extended magazine.
REQ card - Didact's Signet.jpg Didact's Signet Legendary 200 RP 5 Made by the Didact's own hand to reward his most elite Prometheans. Advanced Scattershot that fires fast-moving, long-range projectiles with stronger homing behavior after ricochets.
REQ card - Sentinel Beam.jpg Safeguard Sentinel Beam Rare 100 RP 3 The sterilization beams of Safeguard Sentinels are highly efficient at containing and cauterizing intrusions into their assigned protectorate. Stolen beam projectors suffer from overheating and a limited internal power supply.
REQ card - Shotgun.jpg Shotgun Common 50 RP 3 Short-range semi-automatic shotgun. Get up-close and personal to maximize damage.
REQ card - Lawgiver.jpg Lawgiver Uncommon 75 RP 3 Dura lex. Sed lex. Improved Shotgun with increased damage, accuracy, and rate of fire.
REQ card - Blaze of Glory.jpg Blaze of Glory Rare 100 RP 4 Advanced technology married to brutal simplicity. Advanced Shotgun with Forerunner mechanism to fire fast-moving hardlight projectiles with extra range and anti-vehicle effect. Reloads with a single shell.
REQ Card - Oathsworn.png Oathsworn Ultra Rare/Mythic 150 RP 5 Memories of loss and dreams of vengeance, sealed in steel and composites. Mythic Shotgun with increased damage, accuracy, and rate of fire. The user's movement speed is also increased while Oathsworn is equipped.
REQ Card - Sniper Rifle.png Sniper Rifle Uncommon 75 RP 6 Semi-automatic, multi-role heavy rifle with variable-zoom 4x/9x optics. Best used at long range in conjunction with Smart-Link.
REQ card - End of the Line.jpg End of the Line Rare 100 RP 6 All good things must come to an end. Improved Sniper Rifle with reduced recoil, but emphasis on faster rate-of-fire has slightly reduced damage.
REQ card - Arrow of Time.jpg Arrow of Time Ultra Rare 150 RP 7 There's no going back. Advanced Sniper Rifle with extended magazine and heavy-duty cyberlink that prevents descope. Unfortunately, the weapon does have extra recoil to compensate for.
REQ Card - Nornfang.png Nornfang Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 7 A master-crafted instrument of death and destruction. Mythic Sniper Rifle firing high explosive armor piercing [APHE] rounds that increases overall damage. In addition, Linda's modifications ensure the Motion Tracker is visible even when using Zoom.
REQ Card - Spartan Laser.png Spartan Laser Rare 100 RP 4 Anti-vehicle laser. Requires a short warmup time before firing.
REQ card - Endgame.jpg Endgame Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 Checkmate. Improved Spartan Laser with reduced charge time and additional battery capacity, but each shot does less damage.
REQ card - Selence's Lance.jpg Selene's Lance Legendary 200 RP 5 Built from components fresh from the labs of Seongnam. Advanced Spartan Laser with reduced charge time, longer beam duration, additional battery capacity, and targeting laser does damage. War Games balancing adds extra recoil.
REQ card - Splinter Turret.jpg Splinter Turret Rare 100 RP 2 Fires hardlight projectiles that break apart and detonate after impact.
REQ Card - Storm Rifle.png Storm Rifle Common 50 RP 1 Rapid-fire plasma rifle effective out to medium range when Smart-Link is engaged. Sustained fire can temporarily overheat the weapon.
REQ card - Fury.jpg Fury Uncommon 75 RP 2 Ancient Sangheili script carved on the plasma generator casing is a curse aimed at any wielder without bloodstained hands. Improved Storm Rifle with improved heat dissipation and better accuracy.
REQ card - Blissful Slumber.jpg Blissful Slumber Rare 100 RP 3 There is no rest for the weary merchants of death who labor to feed the fires of war on Sanghelios. Advanced Storm Rifle with increased damage and knockback on hit. Each plasma bolt detonates on impact, causing a small secondary explosion.
REQ card - Suppressor.jpg Suppressor Common 50 RP 1 Fully-automatic energy rifle effective at close range. Accuracy significantly improves when using Smart-Link.
REQ card - Song of Peace.jpg Song of Peace Uncommon 75 RP 2 In the chaotic final days of the Forerunner ecumene an unfortunate number of the Librarian's Conservation Measure operations required military intervention to complete. Upgraded Suppressor with both a faster rate of fire and reduced recoil.
REQ card - Razor's Edge.jpg Razor's Edge Rare 100 RP 3 As extinction loomed, desperation led the Forerunners to experiment with volatile derivations of hard light. Advanced Suppressor firing fast-moving metastable energy shards. If multiple shards strike a target they will create a "supercombine" explosion.
REQ Card - Chaingun Turret.png Chaingun Turret Common 50 RP 2 Rotary autocannon.
REQ Card - Chaingun Turret ONI.png ONI Chaingun Turret Ultra Rare 150 RP 5 When guile and stealth fail, the direct approach is often the best. Fires high explosive dual purpose [HEDP] rounds.
REQ card - Jorge's Chaingun.jpg Jorge's Chaingun Legendary/Mythic 200 RP 6 Remember Reach. Mythic Chaingun with high-capacity magazine. Jorge's Chaingun also boosts movement speed and damage resistance. You cannot perform Spartan Abilities while using this weapon.