Cortana on High Ground

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Cortana on High Ground is an Easter egg on the aforementioned map, which you will be able to see a picture of Cortana for a split second.

How to Find Cortana[edit]

Starting from the AA missile (opposite end of the beach), go straight. At your left side, there should be an old, half-destroyed bunker with a hole in the side. Go through the hole. Turn right, and a computer should be laying on a desk. Go to the computer, look in the bottom left corner of the computer, and there should be a separate screen.

Look at this screen for a while. Eventually, an image of Cortana should appear on the screen for a split second, and then disappear. The image reappears on the screen roughly every two minutes.


  • The radio beside the computer often plays music or broadcasts various phrases.
  • Cortana can be found on any small computer spawned into High Ground via Forge. She can also be found appearing on any small computer in the starting area of the Campaign level, Crow's Nest.