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Leaders, sometimes called hero units, are UNSC/Covenant/Banished player characters in Halo Wars and its sequel, each of whom feature specific units, traits, and abilities in gameplay. Some leaders can also be summoned to the field in-game as special units.

Halo Wars leaders[edit]

Leaders offer a varied experience in Halo Wars' multiplayer aspects, bringing unique abilities into the fray. The Covenant have leaders that double as in-game units, while the UNSC leader powers vary greatly and are numerous. Hero units are more adept to fighting, possessing more armor for protection against enemy units, as well as access to unique weaponry and "special abilities" (such as "Rage mode" for the Arbiter or special upgrades like the ODSTs for Captain Cutter).

In campaign, leaders can be revived if they are killed in action, as long as the life bar is halfway full. The life bar automatically regenerates while the leader is knocked down. However, in Skirmish or multiplayer if they die, they die for good and will have to be purchased again to be on the battlefield, though only Covenant hero units are present on the battlefield in Skirmish and multiplayer.

Given leaders are typically geared toward specific playstyles. For instance, Cutter is more "measured" while Forge's playstyle is quite aggressive.



Halo Wars 2 leaders[edit]

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Image Name Description Blitz Special Units Skirmish Special Units Leader Powers
Captain Cutter
As Captain of the Spirit of Fire, Cutter can send in powerful orbital support, drop in specialized UNSC units, and enhance currently deployed units.
  • UNSC Raid
  • Battle Hardened
  • Archer Missiles
  • Cyclops Drop
  • ODST Drop
  • ODST Assault Group
  • Close Air Support
HW2 Isabel(High rez).png
Isabel improves the effectiveness of vehicles using her database of the latest UNSC tech, and employs hacking and distraction powers in battle.
  • Restoration Drones
  • Turret Drop
  • Lotus Mine
  • Holographic Decoy
  • MAC Blast
  • The Best Offense
  • Ghost In The Machine
HW2 Anders.png
Professor Anders
Anders' scientific expertise allows her to field Sentinel units and makes all of her upgrades faster and cheaper.
  • R&D
  • Protector Sentinel
  • Retriver Sentinel
  • Sentinel Beacon
  • Sentinel Synergy
  • Sentinel Network
  • Ark Defense
HW2 JohnForge.png
Sergeant Forge
Forge's strengths lie in an armored and slow-building economy, using heavy vehicles to push through enemies.
  • Rolling Economy
  • Accelerated Assembly
  • Heavy Metal
  • Combat Salvage
  • Scatter Bomb
  • Vehicle Drop
  • Grizzly Battalion
HW2 Kinsano higher rez.png
Kinsano is all about the burn, launching pyrotechnic attacks and covering the battlefield in flames.
  • Heat of Battle
  • Redline
  • Hellcharge
  • Helldrop
  • Flame Warthog Drop
  • Firestorm Battle Group
  • Napalm Missiles
  • Inferno
Sergeant Johnson
Sergeant Major Avery Johnson, a hero of the Covenant War, geared up for battle. He's a dangerous adversary due to his powerful mechs and solid command.
  • Digging In
  • Remote Sensors
  • Pelican Transport
  • Bunker Drop
  • Siege Turret
  • EMP MAC Blast
  • Mech Overcharge
  • Digging in Deep
Jerome Halo Wars 2 leader portait.png
Commander Jerome
Omega Team's leader and a veteran Spartan of the Spirit of Fire, Jerome inspires and bolsters troops under his command.
  • Recon Sight
  • Mastodon
  • Victory Turret
  • Victory Mines
  • Time for Heroes
  • Enduring Salvo
  • Spartan Morale
  • Field Promotion
  • Omega Team
HW2 Render Serina-FullBody.png
Smart AI that ran the Spirit of Fire's systems before being lost with all hands. Serina was an expert in cryo technology.
  • Ice Barrier
  • Cryogenic Generator
  • Cryotech Advances
  • Frostraven
  • Seismic Blast
  • Cryo Bomb
  • Cryo Drop
  • Glacial Storm


Image Name Description Blitz Special Units Skirmish Special Units Leader Powers
HW2 Atriox.png
Atriox focuses on a cunning and defensive style, supported by heavy cover and invulnerability powers
  • Teleport
  • Countermeasures
  • Fortifications
  • Plasma Mines
  • Dying Breath
  • Atriox’s Bulwark
  • Unbreakable
  • Eradication
HW2 - Decimus.png
Decimus is a berserker who relies on hard-hitting rushes while siphoning their health away.
  • Spirit Assault
  • Killing Frenzy
  • Vortex Lightning
  • Siphon
  • Fury
  • Boundless Siphon
  • Boundless Fury
  • Decimus Drop
HW2 - Let 'Volir.png
Ship Master
The Shipmaster favors stealth, teleportation tactics, and rapid assaults against his foes.
  • Glassing Beam
  • Banished Raid
  • Scout Mine
  • Extraction
  • Advanced Cloaking
  • Mass Cloaking
  • Displacement
  • Tactical Gateway
HW2 - Colony.png
A colony of Lekgolo with a focus on tough frontline units and healing.
  • Skitterer
  • Living Barrier
  • Vehicle Symbiotes
  • Engineer Swarm
  • Hunter's Brand
  • Colony Drop
  • Battle Hardened
  • Devastating Host
  • Combat Repair
HW2 Render RipaMoramee-FullBody.png
The Arbiter
The Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee utilizes special stasis fields to trap enemies and control the battlefield.
  • Phantom
  • Stasis
  • Stasis Mines
  • Conduit of Rage
  • Plasma Bolt
  • Power Surge
  • Mass Stasis
HW2 - Yapyap.png
Yapyap the Destroyer
At last, a Grunt rises to become a mighty leader! Or at least outnumber the enemy with an endless supply of cheap, expendable units!
  • Methane Wagon
  • Methane Party
  • Surprise Party
  • Please Don't Shoot Me
  • Guilt Trip
  • Shade Drop
  • Gruntdome
  • Grunts from Above
  • Get Back Out There
Voridus focuses on aggressive rush tactics and uses his unique incendiary gel weapons to create damaging pools of toxic liquid.
  • Infused Mine
  • Infusion Wake
  • Infusion Tech
  • Combat Spoils
  • Grenadier Drop
  • Invigorating Frenzy
  • Voridus Pack Assault
  • Maelstorm
  • Cataclysm
Pavium's ephitet of 'The Unbreakable' comes from his mastery of defensive and economic tactics.
  • Antlion
  • Wraith Invader
  • Burnout
  • Enduring Will
  • Orbital Designator
  • Rain of Fire
  • Full Salvage
  • Ultra Mines
  • Pavium's Stand
  • Lich Vanguard