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Deja 2.png
Biographical information

Began service:

Sometime before 2513

Ended service:

August 30, 2552 (presumed)


Female Programming


"The appearance of a Greek goddess: barefoot, wrapped in the toga, motes of light dancing about her luminous white hair and holds a clay tablet in her left hand." [1] She usually has a glassy smooth voice[2]

Color expression(s):


Political and military information


United Nations Space Command, Catherine Halsey


Teacher and assistant to the Spartan-II Program


Déjà was a "dumb" artificial intelligence who assisted Dr. Catherine Halsey with the SPARTAN-II Program. She took on the form of an ancient Greek goddess wearing robes. Déjà's intelligence within her fields of expertise was equivalent to a human IQ of 240.[3]

Operational history

Déjà served as an educational AI "teacher" for the SPARTAN-II training program. She instructed the SPARTAN-II supersoldiers in their first stages of training at Reach Naval Academy and other facilities on Reach. Her counterpart, Chief Petty Officer Franklin Mendez, gave the Spartans rigorous physical training. This, along with Dr. Catherine Halsey's physical augmentations and MJOLNIR armor, made the Spartans intelligent, strong, and fast.

Déjà's educational lessons were part of the Spartans' training program, meant to increase their strategic thinking. She also educated them in history, mathematics, and other things. In one of her first lessons, she taught the Spartan-IIs about the famous Battle of Thermopylae, where 300 Spartans made a stand against a quarter of a million Persians.[4] Another lesson was about seven wolves taking down a moose, by working as a team.[5] During one of Mendez's training missions, she helped the Spartans out when John-117 called her instead of Mendez. Using a mail link, he managed to link her to a Albatross dropship to request she show him how to fly it to get the Spartans home. While she couldn't do that, she had him activate the autopilot, allowing her to take control of the craft and fly the Spartans home herself remotely.

Déjà also acted as a sounding board for Dr. Halsey, discussing how the Spartan-II Program should be run. For example, the night the program officially began she advised Halsey on how to address the children. Later they would discuss whether Halsey was giving Soren-066 the choice to proceed in the program in order to alleviate her own conscience.

Her current fate is unknown. As a "dumb" AI, her lifespan is, in theory, indefinite. Déjà was seen on Reach in 2552, residing inside CASTLE Base. She was most likely destroyed when CASTLE Base collapsed.


Her name means "already" in French.


List of appearances


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