35mm autocannon

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35mm autocannon
Production overview




Autocannon (Vehicle-mounted)


Ammunition type:

35mm shell

Rate of fire:


Effective range:


Service history

In service:

Human-Covenant War
Great Schism


The 35mm autocannon[1] is a Jiralhanae weapon mounted on the Barukaza Workshop Chopper, which originally used Paegaas Workshop Spikers mounted on the sides when the vehicle was first designed.[2]


The 35mm autocannons are the primary offensive asset of Jiralhanae Barukaza Workshop Choppers, and each Chopper is mounted with four linked forward-firing 35mm autocannons. This cannon is surprisingly powerful, and its ammunition is probably a smaller form of the Type-25 Brute Shot round, fired at a slower rate.

The term "autocannon" is not entirely accurate when referring to the weapon, due to its alien design. However, it is self-loading and fires explosive projectiles larger than 20mm much like its human-made counterparts.[1]



  • The 35mm autocannon uses a very powerful shell, but has a very low rate of fire.
  • The rounds are too slow to take down fast targets, and so it is most effective to lead targets.
  • Use this gun on short-medium range.
  • Drive forward or stop momentarily, because the guns are forward-mounted on a mobile section of the Chopper.
  • Do not attempt to use this gun against multiple targets simultaneously.
  • Repeatedly tap the fire button instead of holding it down. This will increase the rate of fire.
  • When facing this weapon, effective countering tactics are to:
    • Avoid the incoming rounds, which are slow enough
    • Prepare an anti vehicle weapon, as the driver may attempt to splatter you.
    • Try to attack a Chopper driver with one or more allies: they won't be able to lead and shoot down multiple targets surrounding his/her craft
  • The 35mm autocannon can only shoot down one enemy at a time, so don't rush among enemy formations, and don't stay there for too long, for this greatly increases the chances of you being killed.
  • Avoid excessive turning while firing, as this will throw off the rounds' trajectory.
  • The autocannons do produce some kickback, so when you are trying to pull off some move that requires lots of mobility, you are advised to stop firing.


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