Machines, Materiel and Munitions from the Human-Covenant Conflict, 2525 - Present/Chopper

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The Type-25 RAV has become more common with the reappearance of the Brutes as frontline troops. Although it has not totally replaced the “ghost” as the primary rapid assault vehicle of the Covenant ground forces, it is usually piloted by higher ranking individuals. The vehicle is capable of momentary bursts of speed up to 120 kph (75 mph). The vehicle is armed with four (4) linked forward-firing light autocannons1.

Weapon Statistics
Weight: 1 tonnes (1.1 tons)
Length: 6.4 meters (21 feet.)
Height: 2.9 meters (9.77 feet)
Width: 2.8 meters (9.33 feet)
Power plant: unknown
Range: 272 kilometers (169 miles)
Top Speed: 74 kph (46 mph)
Main armament: 4 x 35 mm autocannons (linked)
Unit Replacement Cost: N/A

Although this vehicle is significantly slower than many of those available to UNSC ground forces it is capable of nearly doubling its top speed momentarily through some unknown mechanism. The Type-25 RAV, while stoutly built, is very lightly armored and the driver is completely exposed except from the front where the vehicle’s prodigious engine provides more than adequate protection.

“D’ya think they’re compensating for something? I mean, look at the size of the damn thing—it’s bigger than my first apartment.”

“It doesn’t have the room to accommodate a single passenger—and what do they do with their gear? Lash it on to the fenders?”

“They don’t have a lot in the way of places you can stow your gear—it’s basically a huge engine with a little bucket tied to it for you to stick your ass in. And big golf delta blades bolted to it, can’t forget about the blades.”

“All the markings are hand -painted. Well, at least they were on all the ones I’ve seen close up. I think [the Type-25] is more of a status symbol for the Brutes—or maybe a mount—than it is a just another piece of equipment.”

“Yeah, [WO SWG-FoR/SO N’thro] ‘Sraom basically confirmed that—said the riders held specific ranks outside the Covenant military hierarchy structure—that they’re more of a traditional unit like Cossacks or something.”

“They’re not very fast, but they’re like zombies—every time you turn around there they are breathing down your neck! Don’t help that they’re built like tanks, either.”

“With that big damn motor you’d think they’d really fly, wouldn’t you? I wonder if the Covenant romeo echo mike foxtrots slapped a governor on ‘em like our do with the warthog?”

“I never thought I’d see somethin’ that could tear up a warthog so completely short of an eight-oh-eight just by runnin’ into it—are choppers put together out of old battleships or something?”

1 The use of the term autocannon here is not entirely accurate even though the weapon is self-loading and fires a large caliber (35mm) projectile.
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