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A phase pulse generator on Installation 04.

Phase pulse generators are a primary component of the firing mechanisms of the Halo Array. They amplify the firing signal of an installation, allowing it to destroy all life across large areas of the galaxy. They are usually located within the vicinity of the Control Room of the installation, and the generator chambers are usually only accessible by air or via ducts used by the Sentinels.[1] They can be overloaded through close-range electromagnetic pulse discharges.[2]

Installation 04[edit]

As mentioned above, the generators were located close to the Control Room, in platforms accessible via air.[1]

Cortana had the Master Chief John-117 disable these while on Installation 04, in order to delay the Installation's activation so they would have time to destroy it, and to prevent 04-343 Guilty Spark from "finding another way of activating Halo." They accomplished this by turning the shield generators from the Mark V armor he was wearing into a crude yet effective EMP bomb, that once activated knocked out the Master Chief's shielding for a short time.

Installation 05[edit]

It is not known where Installation 05's phase pulse generators are, though they are likely to be located in the vicinity of the control room similar to the generators of Installation 04. During the fight between the Arbiter Thel 'Vadam and Tartarus, 343 Guilty Spark states that the "primary generators are coming online", implying that the installation's firing system is similar to that of Installation 04.[3]

Installation 08[edit]

Two of the pulse generators of Installation 08 were encountered by John-117 during the Raid on Installation 08. They were similar in overall shape to those of the original installation, aside minor differences such as more barriers placed in the perimeter, preventing the player from destroying them.[4]


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