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M44 Ares missile

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M44 Ares missile
Production overview


Ship-to-ship missile[1]


Ammunition type:

High explosive[1]


Tube/Silo fired; Computer guided[1]

Service history

In service:



The M44 Ares missile is a type of ship-to-ship missile carried by CMA and UNSC warships, intended for engaging enemy ships in space combat.[1][2]


M44 Ares missiles were employed during the Insurrection conflict during the 25th century. The Scholte-class missile corvette was designed by the CMA to carry two such missile pods, alongside a complement of M58 Archer missiles.[2]

Unlike its successors, whose pods carry thirty or more missiles, an Ares silo carried only a single missile. Warships historically carried far fewer Ares missiles than Archer missiles. For example, UNSC destroyers in 2494 carried seven Ares missiles total, whereas by 2552, destroyers carried 26 Archer pods of 30 missiles each, for a total of 780 missiles.


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