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Season 7: Elite
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Start date:

June 23, 2021[1]

Number of tiers:


Total unlock cost:

Season point 100 (Standard unlocks)

Includes content for:


Season 7: Elite is a season for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, released on June 23, 2021.[1] As of December 2020, plans had been laid internally at 343 Industries for this season.[2] This season will notably include long-awaited additions to Elite-focused armor customisation in Halo 3, in the form of seven new harnesses, alongside the four Champions Bundle armors from Halo 4[3] and the KEYSTONE helmet, based on Halo Infinite's Mark VII helmet, for Halo 4 as an exclusive item in "The Exchange" store.

In addition to the new customization content, Season 7 also introduced changes to the classic Halo: Combat Evolved graphics to better reflect the original Xbox version of the game, rather than the 2003 PC port which introduced many graphical issues. Furthermore, the season also features improvements to the Halo Online maps Waterfall and Edge, which have been added to Halo 3 matchmaking, and general bug fixes,[4] with Edge being finally added as a playable map with this Season.

The Master Chief Collection's Custom Games Browser, which had previously been briefly tested publicly on retail also launched this season, with support for Halo: Reach.[5] Players are now be able to host their own matches available to the public. Other games are eventually planned to be brought to the Custom Games Browser at a later date.

Concurrent to the launch of Season 7, the Halo: Combat Evolved Mod Tools were also launched for players on Steam.

Season content[edit]

The following is due to be implemented in Season 7:

Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

Halo 3[edit]

  • One new map for Halo 3 from Halo Online: Edge
  • 7 new weapon skins:[3]
    • 7 for the Energy Sword (One unlockable via challenge; four unlockable via "The Exchange")
  • Seven new techsuits
    • GEN2 Tinted Smoke (Unlockable via challenge)
    • GEN2 Umber
    • GEN2 Army Green
    • GEN2 Burnt Ground (Unlockable via "The Exchange")
    • GEN2 Cold Mud (Unlockable via "The Exchange")
    • GEN2 Purplex (Unlockable via "The Exchange")
    • GEN2 Slate Grey

Halo: Reach[edit]

  • Custom Games Browser support

Halo 4[edit]

Season unlocks[edit]

Page 1[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
1 Season point 1 Bloodblade Energy Sword skin H3 EnergySword Bloodblade Skin.png
2 Season point 1 Mark V helmet HTMCC H4 MarkV Helmet Icon.png
3 Season point 1 General helmet HTMCC H3 General Helmet Icon.png
4 Season point 1 Keepward helmet HTMCC H3 Keepward Helmet Icon.png
5 Season point 1 Ossoona helmet HTMCC H3 Ossoona Helmet Icon.png
6 Season point 1 Red Shift animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate RedShift.png
7 Season point 1 Scion helmet HTMCC H3 Scion Helmet Icon.png
8 Season point 1 Mausoleum nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Mausoleum.png
9 Season point 1 GEN2 Umber techsuit HTMCC H3 Umber Techsuit Icon.png
10 Season point 1 Seneschal helmet HTMCC H3 Seneschal Helmet Icon.png

Page 2[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
11 Season point 1 Mr. Leet nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate MrLeet.png
12 Season point 1 Keepward chest HTMCC H3 Keepward Chest Icon.png
13 Season point 1 Magnum Edgework skin H4 Pistol EWK Skin.png
14 Season point 1 Artisan helmet HTMCC H3 Artisan Helmet Icon.png
15 Season point 1 Blue Shift animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate BlueShift.png
16 Season point 1 Mark V chest HTMCC H4 MarkV Chest Icon.png
17 Season point 1 Supercombine nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Supercombine.png
18 Season point 1 Ricochet and Ricochet HMTM helmets HTMCC H4 Ricochet Helmet Icon.pngHTMCC H4 Ricochet HMTM Helmet Icon.png
19 Season point 1 Assault Rifle Riptide skin H4 AssaultRifle RPT Skin.png
20 Season point 1 Speaking Truth animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate SpeakingTruth.png

Page 3[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
21 Season point 1 Ossoona chest HTMCC H3 Ossoona Chest Icon.png
22 Season point 1 GEN2 Army Green techsuit HTMCC H3 ArmyGreen Techsuit Chest Icon.png
23 Season point 1 General chest HTMCC H3 General Chest Icon.png
24 Season point 1 Magnum Blood skin H4 Pistol BLD Skin.png
25 Season point 1 Pestilence armor effect (Halo 4) H4 Pestilence Effect Icon.png
26 Season point 1 Assault nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Assault 2.png
27 Season point 1 Seneschal forearms HTMCC H3 Seneschal Forearm Icon.png
28 Season point 1 Pixel Flair nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate PixelFlair.png
29 Season point 1 DMR Bones skin H4 DMR BNS Skin.png
30 Season point 1 Ricochet chest HTMCC H4 Ricochet Chest Icon.png

Page 4[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
31 Season point 1 Accord helmet HTMCC H3 Accord Helmet Icon.png
32 Season point 1 Strike nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Strike.png
33 Season point 1 Mark V forearms HTMCC H4 MarkV ForearmIcon.png
34 Season point 1 Artisan chest HTMCC H3 Artisan Chest Icon.png
35 Season point 1 Storm Rifle Chill skin H4 StormRifle CHL Skin.png
36 Season point 1 Prefect helmet HTMCC H4 Prefect Helmet Icon.png
37 Season point 1 Scion chest HTMCC H3 Scion Chest Icon.png
38 Season point 1 SOS animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate SOS.png
39 Season point 1 Accord chest HTMCC H3 Accord Chest Icon.png
40 Season point 1 Heat of Battle animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate HeatOfBattle.png

Page 5[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
41 Season point 1 General forearms HTMCC H3 General Forearm Icon.png
42 Season point 1 Ossoona forearms HTMCC H3 Ossoona Forearm Icon.png
43 Season point 1 Inclement Weather armor effect (Halo 4) H4 InclementWeather Effect Icon.png
44 Season point 1 Seneschal chest HTMCC H3 Seneschal Chest Icon.png
45 Season point 1 Mark V legs HTMCC H4 MarkV Leg Icon.png
46 Season point 1 Necroplasma Energy Sword skin H3 EnergySword Necrophage Skin.png
47 Season point 1 Prefect chest HTMCC H4 Prefect Chest Icon.png
48 Season point 1 Accord forearms HTMCC H3 Accord Forearm Icon.png
49 Season point 1 Green Shift animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate GreenShift.png
50 Season point 1 Ricochet forearms HTMCC H4 Ricochet Forearm Icon.png

Page 6[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
51 Season point 1 Artisan forearms HTMCC H3 Artisan Forearm Icon.png
52 Season point 1 Keepward forearms HTMCC H3 Keepward ForearmIcon.png
53 Season point 1 Wrequiem nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Wrequiem.png
54 Season point 1 Seneschal legs HTMCC H3 Seneschal Leg Icon.png
55 Season point 1 Mark V shoulders HTMCC H4 MarkV RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H4 MarkV LShoulder Icon.png
56 Season point 1 Prefect forearms HTMCC H4 Prefect Forearm Icon.png
57 Season point 1 Ricochet legs HTMCC H4 Ricochet Leg Icon.png
58 Season point 1 Ossoona legs HTMCC H3 Ossoona Leg Icon.png
59 Season point 1 Gradient nameplate and Palmer nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Gradient.png
HTMCC Nameplate Palmer.png
60 Season point 1 Scion forearms HTMCC H3 Scion Forearm Icon.png

Page 7[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
61 Season point 1 Ricochet shoulders HTMCC H4 Ricochet RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H4 Ricochet LShoulder Icon.png
62 Season point 1 Heart attack armor effect (Halo 4) HR HeartAttack Effect Icon.png
63 Season point 1 Keepward legs HTMCC H3 Keepward Leg Icon.png
64 Season point 1 Prefect legs HTMCC H4 Prefect Leg Icon.png
65 Season point 1 Ossoona shoulders HTMCC H3 Ossoona RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Ossoona LShoulder Icon.png
66 Season point 1 Artisan legs HTMCC H3 Artisan Leg Icon.png
67 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Edgework skin H4 BattleRifle EWK Skin.png
68 Season point 1 ODST helmet HTMCC H4 ODST Helmet Icon.png
69 Season point 1 Unlikely Allies animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate UnlikelyAllies.png
70 Season point 1 Seneschal shoulders HTMCC H3 Keepward RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Keepward LShoulder Icon.png

Page 8[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
71 Season point 1 Birthday Party armor effect (Halo 4) HR BirthdayParty Effect Icon.png
72 Season point 1 Mandible nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Mandible.png
73 Season point 1 Artisan shoulders HTMCC H3 Artisan RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Artisan LShoulder Icon.png
74 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Maw skin H4 BattleRifle MAW Skin.png
75 Season point 1 Keepward shoulders HTMCC H3 Keepward RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Keepward LShoulder Icon.png
76 Season point 1 Accord legs HTMCC H3 Accord Leg Icon.png
77 Season point 1 Prefect shoulders HTMCC H4 Prefect RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H4 Prefect LShoulder Icon.png
78 Season point 1 DMR Concrete skin H4 DMR CTE Skin.png
79 Season point 1 Magnum Pixel skin H4 Pistol PXL Skin.png
80 Season point 1 ODST chest HTMCC H4 ODST Chest Icon.png

Page 9[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
81 Season point 1 Magnum Maw skin H4 Pistol MAW Skin.png
82 Season point 1 Scion legs HTMCC H3 Scion Leg Icon.png
83 Season point 1 Suppressor Refractive skin H4 Suppressor RFC Skin.png
84 Season point 1 Legendary armor effect (Halo 4) H4 Legendary Effect Icon.png
85 Season point 1 Carbine Engage skin H4 Carbine ENG Sking.png
86 Season point 1 General legs HTMCC H3 General Leg Icon.png
87 Season point 1 Assault Rifle Pixel skin H4 AssaultRifle PXL Skin.png
88 Season point 1 ODST forearms HTMCC H4 ODST Forearm Icon.png
89 Season point 1 Icons animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Icons.png
90 Season point 1 Scion shoulders HTMCC H3 Scion RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Scion LShoulder Icon.png

Page 10[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
91 Season point 1 General shoulders HTMCC H3 General RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 General LShoulder Icon.png
92 Season point 1 DMR Edgework skin H4 DMR EWK Skin.png
93 Season point 1 Revolution animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Revolution.png
94 Season point 1 ODST legs HTMCC H4 ODST Leg Icon.png
95 Season point 1 Accord shoulders HTMCC H3 Accord RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Accord LShoulder Icon.png
96 Season point 1 DMR Pixel skin H4 DMR PXL Skin.png
97 Season point 1 ODST shoulders HTMCC H4 ODST RShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H4 ODST LShoulder Icon.png
98 Season point 1 GEN2 Slate Grey tech suit HTMCC H3 SlateGrey Techsuit Icon.png
99 Season point 1 Mark of Legends animated nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate MarkOfLegends.png
100 Season point 1 Eternal armor effect (Halo 4) H4 Eternal Effect Icon.png

Challenge and Exchange unlocks[edit]

Weapon skins
Skin Name Unlock
H3 EnergySword EvocatisEdge Skin.png Evocati's Edge (Halo 3) Season 7 Challenge: Elite Swordplay
Complete the Nice Slice and Keep Killer Challenges to earn the Evocati's Edge energy Sword skin.
HTMCC H3 TintedSmoke Techsuit.png GEN2 Tinted Smoke techsuit (Halo 3) Season 7 Challenge: Nightcrawler
Complete the Bedtime Stories and Caesar Dressing challenges to earn the Gen2 Tinted Smoke techsuit.
H4 BattleRifle PXL Skin.png Pixel Battle Rifle skin (Halo 4) Season 7 Challenge: Pixel Perfect
Complete the Brain Burst and Quattro King Challenges to earn the Pixel Battle Rifle skin.


Main article: MCC Insider Program

Flighting for Season 7 began on May 21, 2021. The Flight was designed to test Season 7 content in new features. At the Flight's start, available content included;

  • Several new Halo 3 Elite harness permutations.
  • A new multiplayer maps for Halo 3, originally from Halo Online.
  • Several new Halo 3 skins for the energy sword.
  • Several new Halo: Combat Evolved skins for vehicles
  • Four Halo 4 armors previously available on the Xbox 360 version but not on the MCC
  • Several Halo 4 weapons skins, previously cut from Halo 4 or only available exclusively via figurines.
  • Graphical improvements on Halo: Combat Evolved to bring it closer to the Xbox version.
  • Armor effects for Halo 4.
Gameplay content
  • Missions: The Pillar of Autumn, The Truth and Reconciliation, The Silent Cartographer, Assault on the Control Room, 343 Guilty Spark
Halo: Combat Evolved Multiplayer
  • Maps: Sidewinder (8v8), Damnation (2v2, 4v4), Prisoner (2v2, 4v4), Hang ‘Em High (2v2, 4v4, 8v8), Chill Out (2v2, 4v4), Blood Gulch (8v8)
Halo 3 Multiplayer
  • Maps: Construct, Guardian, Last Resort, Narrows, Sandtrap, The Pit, Valhalla, Foundry, Standoff, Avalanche, Sandbox, Heretic, Waterfall, Edge
Halo 4 Multiplayer
  • Maps: Adrift, Exile, Haven, Longbow, Meltdown, Ragnarok, Impact, Landfall, Skyline, Perdition, Pitfall


Menu artwork trailer[edit]

Main article: Battle The Heretics

On June 15, 2021, a trailer known as Battle The Heretics was released on YouTube Twitter to announce the release date of Season 7 and showcase the menu background for the season, depicting a Type-26C Banshee in keeping with the Sangheili theme of the season. The video is accompanied by some voiceover of pilots of the Anvil Initiative's Union Wing.[1][10]


Main article: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Season 7 Trailer

To showcase the release of Season 7 and its new customisation content, a trailer for the update was released on June 23, 2021.


June 23 patch notes (Version 1.2398.0.0)[edit]

Install Size by Version[edit]

  • Steam
    • Max size of 12.4 GB
  • Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC
    • Max size of 34.09 GB
  • Xbox
    • Max size of 32.77 GB

New in this update[edit]

New Season 7 customization content[edit]

New cosmetic content for Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 3, and Halo 4 is here as part of Season 7. For the first time, this includes new armor for Elites.[11] The full breakdown:

  • New Halo: Combat Evolved vehicle skins
  • New Halo 3 Elite armors
  • New Halo 3 Energy Sword colors
  • New Halo 3 Techsuits
  • Halo 4 weapon skins
  • Halo 4 armors (the “Champions Bundle”)
  • New static and animated nameplates
Custom Game Browser live for Halo: Reach[edit]

The long-awaited Custom Game Browser is live for Halo: Reach. Players can use the Browse menu to find other people’s custom games or the Create menu to customize and host their own custom game session.

Thank you to the players who helped us test the Custom Game Browser during the scale test. Since then, we improved the experience in many ways:

  • Full game sessions now appear at the bottom of the list.
  • The Session Name field now has a longer character limit.
  • The game now informs the party leader if they try to join a game session, but a member of the party does not have necessary content installed.
  • When “Repeat Game” is enabled, the pause menu now says “Next Game” instead of “End Game”
  • Fixed several issues with sorting the list of sessions.
  • Made several improvements to how voice and text chat work with parties during gameplay.
  • Fixed exploits that allowed known cheaters into sessions.
New Halo 3 map: Edge[edit]

Originally made for Halo Online, the second new map for Halo 3, “Edge,” has been added and can appear in Social Matchmaking. Edge is a symmetrical map that supports all major game variants in Halo 3 with 4 to 12 players.

Fight with sentinel beams and silenced SMGs across an open cliff-side vista and secluded ancient database in this new map on the remote frontier world of Partition.

Waterfall and Edge maps added to Social Matchmaking[edit]

Players may now play on both new Halo 3 maps, “Waterfall” and “Edge,” when queued up in Social Matchmaking. Thank you for the player feedback that helped us make fixes and improve visual polish on both maps before moving them into matchmaking.

Firefight matchmaking is now in Social Matchmaking[edit]

To help give the Firefight community a boost, Firefight matchmaking is now part of the Social Matchmaking flow (you can read the blog post here). We expect this to help in several ways:

  • The Firefight game mode will have increased visibility by appearing alongside other social game modes.
  • The Halo 3: ODST and Halo: Reach Firefight communities will be closer together, improving queue times for everyone. Players can still choose to queue up for only one of the games if they prefer.
  • Players can be more specific with the game types they search for.
  • This creates the possibility of rotating Firefight options and categories.
Better visual authenticity for Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]

Many graphical updates, from fog and shader effects to original character models and active camo quality, bring Halo: Combat Evolved even closer to the classic experience. Some updates include:

  • Active Camo is closer to the original Xbox appearance, with a darker shade that is less reflective.
  • Textures on all maps now display bump maps, which is most noticeable on metal and Forerunner surfaces
  • The fog effects across multiple maps now render properly, such as above the canyon in Assault on the Control Room, Two Betrayals, 343 Guilty Spark, and Keyes.
  • Covenant shields now react to being shot with plasma weapons by changing color.
  • The visual effects of Jackal shields, teleporters, Spirit Dropships, and Cortana’s color pulsing while in the Ring’s control room now match the original Xbox version.
  • Flashlight shine distance is further and better represents the distance on original Xbox version.
  • Translucent textures such as the windows on Pillar of Autumn are no longer too opaque and now have the correct reflections.
  • Captain Keyes’ original model from the Xbox version has returned.
  • Layers of detail and reflection are now applied in the correct order on Master Chief's armor, Forerunner doors, Pelican Dropships, and more.
  • The screen flash that displays when picking up camo or taking a teleporter is now closer to the original Xbox version.
  • Combat Flood forms and health packs now glow the way they did in original Xbox version.
Halo: Combat Evolved Hardcore playlist changes[edit]

We updated the Hardcore settings for Halo: Combat Evolved based on competitive player feedback to improve this playlist and align it with the modded competitive gameplay experience popularized by the competitive community on Xbox. This includes the following changes:

  • Weapon ready effects only play for local players.
  • Dropped weapons have disabled collision and material sounds.
  • Disabled footstep sounds.
  • Killfeed messages only display if they are related to a local player or their teammates.
Updates to the Extras menu[edit]

The Extras menu has been updated to play the terminals and cinematics from Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 4, and Halo 2: Anniversary directly within the game instead of linking externally.

The other Extras menu options link externally:

  • Credits
  • Halo Support site
  • Halo: Nightfall (only visible on the Xbox version of MCC)
  • Halo 5 (only visible on the Xbox version of MCC)
Halo: Combat Evolved mod tools and client support[edit]

For the first release of MCC’s Halo: Combat Evolved modding tools, we are including four different programs. Modders may be familiar with a few, but this release includes the most powerful tools available for Halo: Combat Evolved (for advanced users only!)

On top of that, we are releasing zip files of Halo: Combat Evolved’s level scripts and all the tag files that went into building the campaign and multiplayer levels.

These tools and files are being provided as-is, but we plan to make updates over time to address issues we see discussed in the mod community.

The full blog post on Steam goes into more detail about these tools.

You can download these tools through Steam.

Resolved issues[edit]

Many improvements come from Halo Insiders feedback and Halo Support tickets submitted by our community. Thank you for participating and please keep submitting tickets! Below is a breakdown of fixes in this update:

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the game to crash on Xbox consoles while performing background operations.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented secondary profiles in splitscreen play from being able to interact with the Exchange
  • Fixed an issue where players could stay in the Exchange menu and attempt to unlock offers after they had already expired (which would always fail).
  • Fixed an issue where game types not supported by the current Game Size within the Social Games menu still appeared selectable.
  • Fixed an issue where the Seasonal Overview button in Options & Career incorrectly showed “Retrieving…” for guests.
  • Fixed issues with how various icons were displayed when playing on low resolutions.
  • Improved the season cosmetic unlock animation to be more responsive and reduced how often attempting to unlock an item will “fail.”
  • Various improvements and optimizations to the Challenge system to improve reliability for progress saving.
  • Improved performance across multiplayer modes where new customization options could be visible.
  • Fixed several issues preventing players from navigating menus when launching MCC on Xbox with only a mouse and keyboard plugged in.
  • Fixed several scenarios where players would get stuck after signing out of an account when using Mouse & Keyboard on Xbox.
  • Per-title gamma adjustments are now possible on Xbox.
  • Background is no longer blurred when adjusting the per-title gamma in gameplay, allowing for immediate preview of changes.
  • Voice Chat now uses the active audio device set in Windows when “Voice Chat Output” within MCC is set to default.
  • Emblems tied to watching episodes of “Halo: Nightfall” have now been made available to all players on both Xbox and PC.
  • Fixed an issue where game volume could not be adjusted while in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach gameplay.
  • Removed the SFX cue for restarting a matchmaking search that erroneously played when first entering a matchmaking search.
Halo: Combat Evolved[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where the suicide respawn time penalty was not applied if the player died from falling in any way.
  • Fixed an issue where the Anniversary visuals in the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign would slowly degrade after each mission load on Xbox Series X|S.
  • Removed the “Off” option from the Unified Medal Display for Halo: Combat Evolved. This did the same thing as “Original” as there were no medals in the original Xbox version.
  • Fixed an issue where zooming in with a scoped weapon would cause the HUD to jitter at higher FOVs.
Halo 2[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where the player who was not the host of a co-op campaign session would not earn progress or completion for a mission or playlist, which impacted achievements.
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to be placed on the wrong team when starting a Halo 2: Classic Custom Game.
  • Fixed an issue where audio could become heavily distorted during a Halo 2 campaign splitscreen session.
Halo 3[edit]
  • Fixed broken or missing textures throughout several Halo 3 maps.
  • Improved performance in Edge and Waterfall by changing how scenery outside of visible sight is handled.
  • Fixed an issue where the Spartan model did not rotate properly on the preview when selecting a backpack customization.
  • Fixed visual issues with the ODST\COMM leg armor on the right hip.
  • Fixed visual issues with the ODST\DEMO knee armor on the preview model in the Customization menu.
  • Added the missing description text for Halo 3 animated visor colors.
  • The ODST helmet no longer displays gaps in the neck during gameplay when “New Skins” are disabled.
  • In-game Techsuit now displays the original first-person leg model during gameplay when “New Skins” are disabled.
  • Fixed a visual glitch with a fan embedded in the ceiling near Blue spawn.
  • Fixed various issues with unlit geometry throughout the environment.
  • Fixed exploits allowing players to reach unintended areas.
  • Fixed various issues where players could throw objectives into inaccessible areas.
  • Adjusted weapon spawns throughout the map based on Insider feedback.
  • Fixed an issue with weapons spawning off-center when initially loading into the map.
  • Fixed several exploits that allowed players to reach unintended areas of the map.
  • Fixed several spawn points that were not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the respawn zones had small boundaries while playing Assault and Capture the Flag modes.
  • Fixed inconsistent sound effects when walking on energy-based surfaces.
  • Fixed an issue where players could throw objective items onto locations players could not reach.
  • Fixed several areas with invisible bumps or uneven floors throughout the map.
  • Fixed some grainy textures on Forerunner structures on the map preview image.
  • Added the top-down blueprint to the loading screen for Edge.
  • Fixed pop-in visual issues with the mist at the bottom of the waterfalls.
  • Fixed the Forerunner room ambient audio to use the light hum normally associated with Forerunner machinery instead of UNSC ambient audio.
Halo 3: ODST[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where mouse and keyboard prompts were not displayed in the VISR.
Halo: Reach[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where the AKIS and MARINER helmets did not show the visor color during the ending cinematic of Lone Wolf.
  • The first loadout in Firefight matches can now be selected.
Halo 4[edit]
  • Fixed an issue where the Open Loadouts menu would not use rebound keys, only spacebar for Multiplayer and Spartan Ops.
  • Fixed several visual issues in the closing cinematic of Reclaimer, including flickering hair and Cortana’s visual effects. The team is still investigating improvements for the overall scene lighting.
  • Incidental chatter from allies now uses localized voice lines.
  • Fixed several spots where objective markers were not placed correctly in the campaign mission Reclaimer and during some Spartan Ops missions.
Resolved issues since last flight[edit]

A sampling of fixes added after the last Halo Insider flight:

  • Numerous fixes to the new map Edge, including fixed map geometry and eliminating exploits.
  • Weapons and pickups now spawn properly during SWAT games on Edge and Waterfall.
  • Fixed an issue in Halo: Combat Evolved where Active Camo would cause held weapons to revert to their default textures.
  • Fixed the Halo 3 Elite customization menu language to be consistent with other customization menus.
  • Fixed some scripted dialogue from Marines in the Halo: Combat Evolved campaign so they play as expected.



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