Anvil Initiative

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"An opportunity to train with Sangheili swordmasters? Sign me up."
— Spartan Gabriel Thorne[1]

The Anvil Initiative is a cross-training and evaluation program of the UNSC Armed Forces' Spartan Operations, operated in collaboration with the Swords of Sanghelios. The Anvil Initiative provides Spartan-IVs an opportunity to directly interact and train with Sangheili warriors in both shared War Games and live exercises aboard ANVIL Station.[2] Anvil also tests hybrid technologies developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence, corporate partners, Sangheili artisan-armorers, and special research collaborations.[1] The program was established alongside Project CRUCIBLE, which aimed to create a joint Spartan-Sangheili task force to begin building a robust relationship between the two species'.[2]

The location of the Anvil Initiative and the details of its select participation are classified, and access is by invitation only.[1][3]

Production notes[edit]

Anvil Station served as the setting for the War Games simulations featured in the cancelled game Halo Online. The station was associated with the Anvil Initiative.[4]


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