Anvil Initiative

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"An opportunity to train with Sangheili swordmasters? Sign me up."
— Spartan Gabriel Thorne[1]

The Anvil Initiative is a cross-training and evaluation program of the United Nations Space Command and Swords of Sanghelios, aimed at providing a framework of mutual co-operation between the two species' in the increasingly-hostile post-war environment of the Milky Way.[2]


The Anvil Initiative focuses on the operation of ANVIL Station[2] - a classified location and accessible only by special invitation.[1][3] The station serves in part as a joint-research ground for researchers, allowing participants in the initiative to test hybrid technologies developed by the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), corporate partners, Sangheili artisan-armorers, and special research collaborations.[1] These include Sangheili aiding ONI researchers in understanding the operation of Assembly Forges and the finer aspects of slipspace navigation, while human engineers work with Sangheili clans and artisans to reintroduce concepts of large-scale industrial agriculture and help learn to exploit some of the hidden niches of their technology - much of which was reverse-engineered from that of the Forerunners and forbidden from unauthorised experimentation and research during the Covenant era.[2]

Aside from purely scientific aims, the Anvil Initiative was established alongside Project CRUCIBLE, which aimed to create a joint Spartan-Sangheili task force to begin building a robust relationship between the two species'.[4] As such, ANVIL Station provides the UNSC's Spartan Operations personnel an opportunity to directly interact and train with Sangheili warriors in both shared War Games and live exercises aboard the station.[4] These exercises hope to combine both human and Sangheili millennia of martial expertise into one cohesive whole.[2]

Production notes[edit]

Anvil Station served as the setting for the War Games simulations featured in the cancelled game Halo Online. The station was associated with the Anvil Initiative.[5]


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