List of discrepancies between Halo: Combat Evolved versions

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Halo: Combat Evolved has been released on a number of platforms since its original Xbox release in 2001. Some of these versions have become infamous for diverging from the original game in some areas. This page contains a list of discrepancies between these versions of Halo: Combat Evolved.

Versions of the game[edit]

The following is a list of the different versions of the game that have been officially released:

Background and history[edit]

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List of discrepancies[edit]

Discrepancy Halo: CE
Halo PC
PC, Mac
Custom Edition
PC, Mac
Halo: CE
360 BC
360, XB1


Resolution 640x480[1] User-determined User-determined 640x480[1] 1152x648[1] 1920x1080S


Frame rate target 30 fps Hardware-dependent Hardware-dependent 30 fps 30 fps 60 fpsOne

120 fpsSeries X/S

Animation frame rate 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps 30 fps Dependant on Frame rateSeason 6 Dependant on Frame rateSeason 6
Jackal point defence gauntlets and Covenant portable shields lack the rippling energy effect on their surface.[2] - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Water shaders do not render correctly, causing water to lack details such as ripples.[2] - Yes Yes No Yes Yes (c. 2014)

No (c. 2018)

Bump mapping is not present for ambient light sources - only the player's flashlight and plasma weaponry affect it. - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Materials such as the Pelican hull, assault rifle shroud, Master Chief's MJOLNIR Mk. V armour and others appear different, due to shader adjustments. - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
The sun appears a different size in the sky, due to resolution differences.[2] - Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Jacob Keyes' model is slightly modified, and he sports a different uniform on The Pillar of Autumn. - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
The skybox used on The Truth and Reconciliation is lower resolution, and the Halo ring is much brighter.[2] - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Assault on the Control Room lacks the fog above the map, leading to the black clifftops contrasting starkly against the sky.[2] - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
The game uses a higher-resolution version of the original HUD, with slight modifications to certain elements. - Yes Yes No No No No
The game uses the Halo: CEA HUD, a completely overhauled version of the original HUD. - No No No Yes Yes Yes

Level layout[edit]

On the map Hang 'em High, the small lips at the edges of the trench in the middle of the map have been removed. - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
On the map Sidewinder, the one-way teleporter pair leading from each base to the far corner of the map have been replaced by two-way teleporters. - Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes


Bloom on certain weapons such as the magnum has been increased, and is dependent on framerate. - No No No No Yes Yes
S On Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox Series S.
X On Xbox One X and Xbox Series X
One On any Xbox One console
Series X/S On any Xbox Series X|S console
Season 6 Prior to Season 6, some animations were not interpolated and remained at 30FPS