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McFarlane Toys/Halo 4 Series 2

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McFarlane Toys Halo 4 Series 2 action figures were originally set for release in January 2013, but were delayed to October. For the first time, each figure will include codes for Halo 4 DLC, except for the PowerUp Rewards exclusive figure. All carded figures appear to be packaged in the new slim packaging, previously exclusive to certain retailers.

Carded Figures[edit]

Master Chief[edit]

This Master Chief figure is based off of Master Chief's new appearance in Halo 4. It comes with an ARC-920. As an added bonus, the Master Chief also comes with a free Micro Ops figure of Cortana, in scale with the other Micro Ops figures, Cortana also works as an accessory and can be removed from her base and held in a figure's hand. This figure comes with a code for the Riptide skin for the Assault Rifle.

Elite Ranger[edit]

The Elite Ranger feature a fully-sealed environment suit and an airtight helmet with clear visor; perfect for extra-vehicular activity in the vacuum of space. The Elite Ranger figure comes with the redesigned, Halo 4 version of the Beam Rifle. This figure includes a code for the Chill skin for the Storm Rifle.

Storm Jackal[edit]

The Storm Jackal features the new, more reptilian look seen in Halo 4. Figure includes the redesigned version of the Covenant Carbine weapon. The figure includes a black stand, allowing it to stand better than previous Jackal figures. This figure includes a code for the Engage skin for the Covenant Carbine.

Spartan Scout[edit]

The Spartan Scout figure features an orange paint scheme, and comes equipped with the new Sticky Detonator. This figure includes a code for the Toxic skin for the Scout armor.

Spartan CIO[edit]

The Spartan CIO figure is clad in CIO armor and comes with the M395 Designated Marksman Rifle. The figure comes in violet or steel/green. The violet figure includes a code for the Ruin skin for the CIO armor, and the steel/green figures has a code for the Bones skin for the DMR. The steel/green variant is a Walgreens exclusive.

Spartan Warrior[edit]

The Spartan Warrior figure is exclusive to GameStop's PowerUp Rewards program. It is red and steel and comes with an Assault Rifle. Unlike other Series 2 figures, it does not include a code for any in-game content.

Boxed Sets[edit]


The Didact figure comes boxed, similar to the Promethean Knight. It features a removable helmet. This figure includes codes for Refractive skin for the Venator armor and the Suppressor.