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McFarlane Toys/Halo Micro Ops Series 1

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Halo Micro Ops Series 1 is the first series in McFarlane Toys Halo Micro Ops line. It features buildings from Halo 3's High Ground, as well as several vehicles, and includes ODST Drop Pods. The figures are 1:100/15mm scale and were released in August 2012[1].

Small carded sets[edit]

Warthog and Mongoose[edit]

This set includes a Mongoose, a Warthog, two Spartan figures, and a UNSC Marine figure.


This set includes a Banshee and two Elite figures.

ODST Drop Pods[edit]

This set includes two Drop Pods (with drag chutes and debris) and figures of the Rookie, Buck, and Dare.

Ghost vs. Wolf Spider Turret[edit]

This set includes a Wolf Spider Turret, a Ghost, an Elite figure, and an Emile figure.

Large carded sets[edit]


This set includes a Falcon, a Carter figure, a Spartan pilot figure, and a UNSC trooper figure.

High Ground Bunker[edit]

This set includes a bunker, a Shade Turret with a Grunt gunner figure, a Spartan figure, and a Marine figure.

Small boxed sets[edit]

High Ground Gate[edit]

This set includes an operational gate, a mounted turret, a Warthog, and two Spartan figures.

High Ground Tower[edit]

This set includes a tower with removable camouflage netting, a Ghost, an Elite figure, and a Master Chief figure.