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McFarlane Toys/Halo: Anniversary Edition Series 1

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The Legendary Plaque.

The McFarlane Halo: Anniversary Edition figures are a series of five-inch action figures made by McFarlane Toys, based off of the characters from the Halo series in celebration of the tenth anniversary of the first game's release. Each figure (with the exception of the series' Boxed 3-Packs) comes with a part of the difficulty plaque, which combines into the legendary difficulty icon. They were released in October 2011.[1][2] Despite being the second wave of the anniversary figures, this series is called Series 1, while the first wave is called Series 1 - Advance.

Individual Carded Figures[edit]

Master Chief[edit]

The Master Chief figure is based on John-117, the main protagonist of the Halo series. It features the MJOLNIR Mark V armor that made an appearance in Halo: Combat Evolved and the left half of the Easy difficulty plaque. It is armed with an MA5B Assault Rifle and a frag grenade. It is made to scale with the Halo: Reach figures. Despite the figure being based on Halo: Combat Evolved, the MA5B is the updated Anniversary version, painted like the one from Halo Wars. The figure also lacks poseability, as the joints cannot bend beyond 120 degrees.


The Arbiter figure is based on the Covenant Sangheili Thel 'Vadam, also known as the Arbiter. It features the Halo 2-era Arbiter armor and the Combat knife of the Heroic difficulty plaque. It is armed with an energy sword and a Anskum-pattern plasma grenade. It's essentially a repaint of the Halo 3-era figure, so the mandible guards and flashlight are present. The Energy Sword seems to have been altered slightly to eliminate sharp points.


The Cortana figure is a replica of the character from Halo 3. It features a light-up base and the combat knife of the normal difficulty plaque.

SpecOp Grunt[edit]

The SpecOp Grunt is a replica of the Halo 3 Covenant Unggoy rank. It features the Unggoy Combat Harness, which includes the methane tank, and the Elite skull of the Legendary difficulty plaque. It is armed with a Fuel Rod gun and a plasma grenade.


The Dutch figure is a replica of the ODST character from Halo 3: ODST. It features the character's ODST armor variant and the right half of the Easy difficulty plaque. It is armed with a Spartan Laser and a frag grenade. Unlike previous figures, the Spartan Laser is painted silver, instead of the normal olive color.

Boxed 3-Packs[edit]

Master Chief Evolution[edit]

The Master Chief Evolution Boxed 3-Pack figures are based on the, John-117, main protagonist through the original Halo Trilogy. The first one is a replica of the Halo: Combat Evolved-era Master Chief in MJOLNIR Mark V armor with an MA5B Assault Rifle. The second one is a replica of the Halo 2-era Master Chief in the MJOLNIR Mark VI armor dual wielding two M7 SMGs. The third figure is a replica of the Halo 3-era Master Chief in MJOLNIR Mark VI armor with an SRS 99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle. All figures were made in the same scale as the Halo: Reach figures, rather than the original Halo 3 figures.

Fearless Leader[edit]

The Fearless Leader Boxed 3-Pack figures are replicas of the well-known leaders in the Halo series. The first figure is the Halo 3: ODST character Edward Buck with a removable helmet and an MA5C Assault Rifle. The second figure is the Halo Wars character John Forge with an M90 Shotgun. The third figure is the leader of the Halo: Reach Noble Team, Spartan-III commando Carter-A259 with an M392 Designated Marksman Rifle and frag grenades.