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The McFarlane Toys Halo: Reach Series One action figures are a series of five-inch figures based on the characters of Halo: Reach campaign.[1] They were released on September 14, 2010.

Individual Carded Figures[edit]

Noble Six[edit]

The Noble Six action figure comes with an MA37 Assault Rifle and an Frag Grenade. The figure is in original, non-customized form and features 26 points of articulation. Despite it being said to be the original form, this figure actually has the UA helmet attachment, TACTICAL/UGPS wrist attachment and FJ/PARA knee guards on it, with a Gold (or possibly default) visor, and also has its secondary coloring as white. This is the original version of Noble Six, before he/she was made fully default to avoid the player having a set image of the character. Additionally, since the Noble Six character is meant to be 100% customizable, it could be seen that all the multiplayer Spartans are variations of Noble Six.


The Jorge action figure is based on the Spartan-II, Jorge-052. It is armed with a heavy machine gun and has 26 points of articulation.[2] While the majority of the other figures are only five inches tall, Jorge is instead six inches.[3] It also includes a removable backpack.

The hands were mentioned as being too small for the turret, and the backpack was difficult to attach together.[4]


The Emile action figure is armed with an M45 Tactical Shotgun and a Frag Grenade. The kukri knife can be placed in the figure's hand, but cannot store in the shoulder. It features 26 points of articulation.

The knife cannot be placed in the storage, and the arm joints cannot bend farther than a 90 degree angle, making it difficult to pose. Additionally, the shotgun did not fit very well in the hands of the figure, since the trigger finger is not separated from the rest of the hand.[5]

Elite Minor[edit]

The Elite action figure is armed with a Needler and a Plasma Grenade, and is modeled after a Sangheili Minor. This figure is also six inches tall, as to "be imposing and scary".[3] It features 28 points of articulation. This Elite figure is about as big as the Ripa 'Moramee figure, so it's clearly on a different scale than the original line of figures from Halo 3.

Grunt Ultra[edit]

The Grunt Ultra figure comes with a plasma pistol and plasma grenade. The Grunt figure stands at only four inches tall, as to put the other figures in proportion.[3] It features a removable gas mask, tank, and helmet and has 22 points of articulation.

Spartan HAZOP[edit]

There are currently 3 variants of the HAZOP action figures. All the figures are suited in male armor, in keeping with customization in the game. Additionally, all the armor is interchangeable, allowing for countless permutations. All the figures have gold visor, CQC left shoulder, JFO right shoulder, and the Tactical/Trauma Kit utility and feature 26 points of articulation.

  • The first variant is colored olive and steel, and comes with an assault rifle and frag grenade.
  • The second is colored gold and steel, and is armed with a DMR and frag grenade. It is an exclusive to Toys 'R' Us.
  • The third is all steel, and is also armed with a DMR and frag. It is an exclusive to GameStop.

Spartan Mark V[B][edit]

The Spartan Mark V[B] figure comes in two variants with Mark V[B] MJOLNIR armor.

  • The first figure is colored brick and steel. It is armed with a DMR and frag grenade and is an exclusive at Target.
  • The second figure is colored gold and steel. It is armed with a shotgun and frag grenade.

Boxed Sets[edit]

UNSC Trooper[edit]

The UNSC Trooper 2-pack includes two UNSC Army soldiers.

  • The first figure, called a "light trooper", is armed with an assault rifle and frag grenade.
  • The second figure, called a "heavy trooper", is armed with a shotgun and frag grenade.

Spartan and Elite Ultra[edit]

The Spartan and Elite Ultra 2-pack comes with two figures; a Spartan in Mark V(B) armor, and a Sangheili Ultra.

  • The Spartan is male, and it is colored white and steel. It is armed with a DMR and frag grenade.
  • The Elite Ultra features dual plasma rifles, and a plasma grenade, and is exclusive only to this pack.

Spartan HAZOP[edit]

The Spartan HAZOP 2-pack contains a brick and steel Spartan and a blue and steel Spartan. Both of them are "male" figures, and feature unique chest and shoulder armor and thigh pouches. They come with an MA37 Assault Rifle, an M45 Tactical Shotgun and two grenades.

Halo: Reach Collector Box Set[edit]

The Halo: Reach Collector Box Set comes with four figures: Emile-A239, Jorge-052, an Elite Minor, and an exclusive Mark V(B) SPARTAN figure.

  • The Emile figure features a removable kukri knife (but it was not originally in the sheath, nor is it able to be placed in its sheath), an M45 Tactical Shotgun, and a frag grenade.
  • The Jorge figure is armed with a machine gun turret.
  • The Elite Minor figure features a removable helmet and is armed with a Needler and plasma grenade.
  • The exclusive Mark V[B] figure is colored green and silver. It is armed with an MA37 assault rifle and a frag grenade.



The Warthog figure is modeled after the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle with an M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. The figure can hold up to three five-inch SPARTAN figures made by McFarlane. Its features include rolling wheels, turning steering wheel, and a spinning M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun that can be elevated. There is a special "Mud Splattered" edition exclusive to Toys R Us. The turret is removable, and can be replaced with an M79 Multiple Launch Rocket System or a Gauss Cannon, sold separately.

Despite being made in the Halo: Reach line, the Warthog is on a slightly smaller scale, so figures appear to be taller than they should be when placed in the vehicle. Figures from the Halo 3 line fit well in the Warthog.


The Ghost figure is based off of the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle. It can hold one figure of various sizes that was made by McFarlane. It features pivoting nose guns, moving wing flaps, rotating grip controls, and a sliding seat. It can hold most of the figures of the characters that can ride it in game.

Despite being made for the Halo: Reach line, figures from the Halo 3 series fit better, since Reach figures are a little too tall to fit correctly.