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After the success of McFarlane Toys's Halo 3 figures, McFarlane Toys continued making figure for Halo: Reach. These figures were made in the same style as the Halo 3 ones, featuring campaign characters and multiplayer Spartans with interchangeable armor. The Reach figures were on a slightly larger scale than the previous line of figures to improve the quality of the figures. However, this also meant that weapons and accessories from the two lines were not compatible, with Reach weapons being too large for most of the Halo 3 figures' hands. This also disappointed buyers who wanted to use figures for role playing. Because Halo: Reach's armor permutations were not based on full sets, but rather individual armor pieces, Spartan figures were named for their helmet, and would often have different shoulder or chest armor. The Halo: Reach line also included vehicles to scale with the 6-inch figures.