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McFarlane Toys/Halo: Reach Series 2

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The McFarlane Halo: Reach Series 2 figures are a series of five-inch figures made by McFarlane Toys, based on the characters from Halo: Reach. They were released in January 2011.[1] However, there are four figures that are called an "Advance Wave", which is scheduled to be released December 2010, and are exclusive to Toys "R" Us.[2]

Individual Carded Figures[edit]


The Carter figure, also known as Noble One, is based on Carter-A259 in his Commando armor. The figure features a DMR and frag grenade with 28 points of articulation. This is a figure from the "advance wave".


The Kat figure is based on Catherine-B320, also known as Noble Two. The figure includes a Magnum and a frag grenade.

Grunt Minor[edit]

The Grunt Minor figure features the original conical mask and orange tank from the past series. It includes a removable backpack and gas mask and includes a needler and plasma grenade with 11 points of articulation. This is a figure from the "advance wave".

Skirmisher Minor[edit]

The Skirmisher Minor figure is based on the new species that is featured in Halo Reach. It is colored gray, with 22 points of articulation, and includes a needle rifle and Anskum-pattern plasma grenade.

Elite Officer[edit]

The Elite Officer figure is based on an Elite Officer that is seen in Halo Reach. It has orange armor. An exclusive blue variant was available to GameStop Powerup Rewards members. It features 28 points of articulation, a Concussion Rifle and a Anskum-pattern plasma grenade.

Elite Minor[edit]

The Elite Minor figure is a multiplayer-based figure. It features an all-red Elite Minor combat harness and is armed with a Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle and Anskum-pattern plasma grenade along with a removable helmet and 26 points of articulation. This is a figure in the "advance wave". Unlike the previous Elite Minor figure, this one is part of the Multiplayer series, despite being identical except in color.

Spartan CQC[edit]

There are three figures with CQC armor. They all feature UA/Multi-Threat[W] shoulder and chest armor. They all have the male armor variant with 28 points of articulation.

  • The first figure is colored red and team red, from a multiplayer team game. It is armed with an M45 Tactical Shotgun and frag grenade.
  • The second figure is colored all white, and is armed with an MA37 and frag grenade. This is a figure from the "advance wave".
  • The last figure is colored all steel, and is armed with a magnum and frag grenade. It is a GameStop exclusive.

Boxed Sets[edit]

Invasion Slayer[edit]

The Invasion Slayer 2-pack is based on the new Invasion gametype in Reach multiplayer.

UNSC Airborne[edit]

The UNSC Airborne 2-pack includes two SPARTAN figures that are equipped with jetpacks.

The jetpacks are exclusive to the UNSC Airborne pack.