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Halo Micro Ops

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"When you turn the scale down, you turn the possibilities up. With Micro Ops, we're pulling the camera way back, and looking at a bigger picture. Our 6-inch figures are a great way to bring the individual characters of Halo to collectors—from Master Chief, to Noble Team, to the Elites and Grunts of the Covenant. But the Halo universe is so much bigger than that. Vehicles like the Pelican, the Falcon, the Phantom—they're all important pieces of the universe. Environments like New Mombasa, High Charity, or The Library; these are all as memorable and important as Master Chief himself. With Micro Ops, we can now begin to bring the full scope of Halo to fans."
— Todd McFarlane

Halo Micro Ops is a line of miniature figures, vehicles, and locations of the Halo Universe produced by McFarlane Toys[1]. It recreates encounters from campaign, matchmaking, and firefight at roughly 1:100/15mm scale.[1] The pieces are all perfectly scaled with one another, and come in four different packages, according to size: small vehicles, such as the Ghost or Warthog, come in small carded sets; bigger vehicles, such as the Falcon, and small buildings, such as the bunker from High Ground, are availible in larger carded sets; larger buildings, such as the tower in High Ground, come in small boxes; and large vehicles such as the Elephant come in even larger boxes[1]. The initial Micro Ops lines cover the Halo trilogy, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, and Halo: Reach. Later lines will add figures, vehicles, and environments from Halo 4[1]. Halo Micro Ops debuts in August 2012 and continues into 2013.