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The Halo Universe series is a continuation and rebranding of McFarlane Toys' Halo: Anniversary Edition Series.[1] It continues to bring fans classic, fan-favorite characters from earlier Halo games and "expanded universe" sources. It was to continue the "build-a-figure" feature of the Anniversary line,[1] but it was eventually not featured as McFarlane announced that some figures were canceled while others had been added.

Boxed Sets[edit]

ODST Drop Pod With The Rookie[edit]

This set includes a Jonathan Doherty figure with a Drop Pod and a Silenced SMG. The pod has a functional hatch and chute, and it can hold the figure. It was released in August 2012.[2]

Halo 3 Campaign Co-Op[edit]

This set includes the four characters from the Halo 3 co-op mode: the Master Chief, the Arbiter, N’tho ‘Sraom and Usze ‘Taham. The included weapons are the following: an Assault Rifle, a Battle Rifle, three Covenant Carbines, three Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifles and a Plasma Pistol. It was released in October 2012.[3]

Halo Legends: The Package[edit]

This set includes three figures from The Package: the Master Chief, Frederic-104 and Kelly-087.[5] It includes an Assault Rifle, an M90 Shotgun, a Spartan Laser and finally two combat knives for Fred. It was released in January 2013.[6]

Canceled figures[edit]

The only figure which was released as announced was the ODST Drop Pod figure with the Rookie. The series originally featured Fred-104 and Usze 'Taham as stand-alone figures, but they were repurposed as boxed sets including other figures. However, several figures have been canceled and were not featured at all: Romeo from Halo 3: ODST, an Elite Commando from Halo 3, a Brute Captain Major also from Halo 3, and a multiplayer Spartan which was not precised. There was also a "build-a-figure", but its nature was not revealed and it was canceled.[1] The series was originally known as "Halo Universe Series 1", but it was eventually redubbed simply as "Halo Universe", suggesting that the potential Series 2 was abandoned by McFarlane.