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This article is about the content update released for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. For the seasonal update for Halo Wars 2, see Season 5 (Halo Wars 2).


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Season 6: Raven

Season 5: Anvil
HTMCC Season5 Emblem.png

Start date:

January 27, 2021[1][2]

End date:

April 7, 2021[3]

Number of tiers:


Total unlock cost:

Season point 100

Includes content for:


Season 5: Anvil is a season for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, released on January 27, 2021.[1] 343 Industries included previously-cut AKIS and Mariner helmets as part of this update,[5] after they were pushed back from Season 4 due to difficulties encountered during development.[6] Additionally, Season 5 sees the introduction of 12 armor sets from the cancelled game Halo Online into Halo 3.[7]

The season is named after ANVIL Station and Anvil Initiative; a space station known for testing the MJOLNIR armors introduced with the update and the organization that runs the station, respectively.[8] The season's logo is the Anvil Initiative's logo: a Human and a Sangheili shaking hands.

Season unlocks[edit]

Keyart from showcasing some of the season's content.

Season 5 added the following content to the game. Notably, the Halo: Reach and Halo 3 customization options were implemented into the game in the Season 4 December update, as available for preview in the game's menus. However, they are unable to be unlocked and used in-game without the use of modding.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

Halo: Reach[edit]

  • Two new Halo: Reach helmets: AKIS, Mariner
    • Three Halo: Reach helmet attachments for AKIS: GRD, CBRN, GRD/CBRN
    • Three Halo: Reach helmet attachments for Mariner: Mister Chief, Defiant and OPTREX
  • Six new Halo: Reach chest armors, five of which are new robot arm variants of existing chests and one new:
    • Default [R]
    • UA/Counterassault [R]
    • Tactical/Recon [R]
    • Tactical/Patrol [R]
    • Collar/Grenadier [UA] [R]
    • EXO/TSCS

Halo 3[edit]

For Halo 3, the existing "New Skins in Halo 3" toggle will be updated to include the new armor permutations mentioned below alongside weapon and vehicle skins. If the new cosmetics are turned off, any players using Halo Online-based armor will instead display as using the default Mark VI.[9]

Page 1[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
1 Season point 1 AKIS helmet and Reach Metal nameplate HR AKIS Helmet Icon.png
HTMCC Nameplate ReachMetal.png
2 Season point 1 Bullet nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Bullet.png
3 Season point 1 Air Assault helmet HTMCC H3 AirAssault Helmet Icon.png
4 Season point 1 SMG Scorpio skin H3 SMG Scorpio Skin.png
5 Season point 1 Suture forearms HTMCC H3 Suture Forearms Icon.png
6 Season point 1 Tanker chest HTMCC H3 Tanker Chest Icon.png
7 Season point 1 Air Assault shoulders HTMCC H3 AirAssault LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 AirAssault RShoulder Icon.png
8 Season point 1 Tanker legs HTMCC H3 Tanker Legs Icon.png
9 Season point 1 Aviator helmet HTMCC H3 Aviator Helmet Icon.png
10 Season point 1 Mariner helmet HR Mariner Helmet Icon.png

Page 2[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
11 Season point 1 Aviator chest HTMCC H3 Aviator Chest Icon.png
12 Season point 1 Air Assault forearms HTMCC H3 AirAssault Forearms Icon.png
13 Season point 1 No Entry and Bullet Stack nameplates
HTMCC Nameplate NoEntry.png
HTMCC Nameplate BulletStack.png
14 Season point 1 Warrior chest HTMCC H3 Warrior Chest Icon.png
15 Season point 1 Air Assault chest HTMCC H3 AirAssault Chest Icon.png
16 Season point 1 Pioneer forearms HTMCC H3 Pioneer Forearms Icon.png
17 Season point 1 Aviator shoulders HTMCC H3 Aviator LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Aviator RShoulder Icon.png
18 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Desert skin H3 BattleRifle Desert Skin.png
19 Season point 1 Soldier helmet HTMCC H3 Soldier Helmet Icon.png
20 Season point 1 EXO/TSCS chest HR EXO-TSCS Chest Icon.png

Page 3[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
21 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Scarlet Thorn skin H3 BattleRifle ScarletThorn Skin.png
22 Season point 1 Rocket Launcher Hazard Pay skin H3 RocketLauncher HazardPay Skin.png
23 Season point 1 Tanker shoulders HTMCC H3 Tanker LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Tanker RShoulder Icon.png
24 Season point 1 Bandage nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate Bandage.png
25 Season point 1 Default [R] chest HR DefaultR Chest Icon.png
26 Season point 1 Demo chest HTMCC H3 Demo Chest Icon.png
27 Season point 1 Air Assault legs HTMCC H3 AirAssault Legs Icon.png
28 Season point 1 Needler schism skin H3 Needler Schism Skin.png
29 Season point 1 Pioneer shoulders HTMCC H3 Pioneer LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Pioneer RShoulder Icon.png
30 Season point 1 AKIS CBRN helmet attachment HR AKIS CBRN Helmet Icon.png

Page 4[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
31 Season point 1 Plasma Pistol Schism skin H3 PlasmaPistol Schism Skin.png
32 Season point 1 Demo forearms HTMCC H3 Demo Forearms Icon.png
33 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Hunter's Blood skin H3 BattleRifle HuntersBlood Skin.png
34 Season point 1 Pioneer chest HTMCC H3 Pioneer Chest Icon.png
35 Season point 1 Cowboy Shells nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate CowboyShells.png
36 Season point 1 Carbine Zealot skin H3 Carbine Zealot Skin.png
37 Season point 1 Demo helmet HTMCC H3 Demo Helmet Icon.png
38 Season point 1 Deadeye chest HTMCC H3 Deadeye Chest Icon.png
39 Season point 1 Demo shoulders HTMCC H3 Demo LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Demo RShoulder Icon.png
40 Season point 1 Pistol Tech Camo Bravo skin H3 Pistol TechCamoBravo Skin.png

Page 5[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
41 Season point 1 Hivemind chest HTMCC H3 Hivemind Chest Icon.png
42 Season point 1 Magnum Blast nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate MagnumBlast.png
43 Season point 1 Assault Rifle Hazard Pay skin H3 AssaultRifle HazardPay Skin.png
44 Season point 1 Soldier legs HTMCC H3 Soldier Legs Icon.png
45 Season point 1 Mariner Defiant helmet attachment HR Mariner Defiant Helmet Icon.png
46 Season point 1 Warrior legs HTMCC H3 Warrior Legs Icon.png
47 Season point 1 Warrior shoulders HTMCC H3 Warrior LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Warrior RShoulder Icon.png
48 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Hazard Pay skin H3 BattleRifle HazardPay Skin.png
49 Season point 1 Pioneer helmet HTMCC H3 Pioneer Helmet Icon.png
50 Season point 1 Bullet Line nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate BulletLine.png

Page 6[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
51 Season point 1 Pioneer legs HTMCC H3 Pioneer Legs Icon.png
52 Season point 1 Suture legs HTMCC H3 Suture Legs Icon.png
53 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Golden skin H3 BattleRifle Golden Skin.png
54 Season point 1 Deadeye shoulders HTMCC H3 Deadeye LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Deadeye RShoulder Icon.png
55 Season point 1 Grenadier [UA] [R] chest HR GrenadierUAR Chest Icon.png
56 Season point 1 Warrior helmet HTMCC H3 Warrior Helmet Icon.png
57 Season point 1 Pistol Hazard Pay skin H3 Pistol HazardPay Skin.png
58 Season point 1 Carbine Splendor skin H3 Carbine Splendor Skin.png
59 Season point 1 Hivemind shoulders HTMCC H3 Hivemind LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Hivemind RShoulder Icon.png
60 Season point 1 AKIS GRD helmet attachment HR AKIS GRD Helmet Icon.png

Page 7[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
61 Season point 1 Sniper Rifle Red Alert skin H3 SniperRifle RedAlert Skin.png
62 Season point 1 Compass shoulders HTMCC H3 Compass LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Compass RShoulder Icon.png
63 Season point 1 Suture helmet HTMCC H3 Suture Helmet Icon.png
64 Season point 1 Hivemind helmet HTMCC H3 Hivemind Helmet Icon.png
65 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Grey Scales skin H3 BattleRifle GreyScales Skin.png
66 Season point 1 Demo legs HTMCC H3 Demo Legs Icon.png
67 Season point 1 Hivemind legs HTMCC H3 Hivemind Legs Icon.png
68 Season point 1 Sniper Rifle Hazard Pay skin H3 SniperRifle HazardPay Skin.png
69 Season point 1 Suture chest HTMCC H3 Suture Chest Icon.png
70 Season point 1 Tactical/Recon [R] chest HR ReconR Chest Icon.png

Page 8[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
71 Season point 1 Suture shoulders HTMCC H3 Suture LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Suture RShoulder Icon.png
72 Season point 1 Navigator helmet HTMCC H3 Navigator Helmet Icon.png
73 Season point 1 Soldier shoulders HTMCC H3 Soldier LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Soldier RShoulder Icon.png
74 Season point 1 Compass forearms HTMCC H3 Compass Forearms Icon.png
75 Season point 1 Navigator legs HTMCC H3 Navigator Legs Icon.png
76 Season point 1 Tactical/Patrol [R] chest HR PatrolR Chest Icon.png
77 Season point 1 SMG Art of War skin H3 SMG ArtOfWar Skin.png
78 Season point 1 Deadeye helmet HTMCC H3 Deadeye Helmet Icon.png
79 Season point 1 Carbine Schism skin H3 Carbine Schism Skin.png
80 Season point 1 Mariner OPTREX helmet attachment HR Mariner OPTREX Helmet Icon.png

Page 9[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
81 Season point 1 Navigator shoulders HTMCC H3 Navigator LShoulder Icon.pngHTMCC H3 Navigator RShoulder Icon.png
82 Season point 1 Compass helmet HTMCC H3 Compass Helmet Icon.png
83 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Great Journey skin H3 BattleRifle GreatJourney Skin.png
84 Season point 1 Tanker forearms HTMCC H3 Tanker Forearms Icon.png
85 Season point 1 Bullet Pile nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate BulletPile.png
86 Season point 1 Assault Rifle Desert skin H3 AssaultRifle Desert Skin.png
87 Season point 1 Tanker helmet HTMCC H3 Tanker Helmet Icon.png
88 Season point 1 Warrior forearms HTMCC H3 Warrior Forearms Icon.png
89 Season point 1 Compass legs HTMCC H3 Compass Legs Icon.png
90 Season point 1 UA/Counterassault [R] chest HR CounterassaultR Chest Icon.png

Page 10[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
91 Season point 1 Plasma Rifle Keeper skin H3 PlasmaRifle Keeper Skin.png
92 Season point 1 Navigator chest HTMCC H3 Navigator Chest Icon.png
93 Season point 1 SMG Golden skin H3 SMG Golden Skin.png
94 Season point 1 Aviator legs HTMCC H3 Aviator Legs Icon.png
95 Season point 1 Fuel Rod Gun Schism skin H3 FuelRod Schism Skin.png
96 Season point 1 Compass chest HTMCC H3 Compass Chest Icon.png
97 Season point 1 Deadeye legs HTMCC H3 Deadeye Legs Icon.png
98 Season point 1 Soldier chest HTMCC H3 Soldier Chest Icon.png
99 Season point 1 Soldier forearms HTMCC H3 Soldier Forearms Icon.png
100 Season point 1 AKIS GRD/CBRN helmet attchment and From The Beginning nameplate HR AKIS GRDCBRN Helmet Icon.png
HTMCC Nameplate FromTheBeginning.png


Main article: MCC Insider Program

No Flighting was conducted for Season 5, due to 343 Industries' staff being on leave for the 2020 Christmas period. However, Season 5 content (specifically, the new Halo Online armor sets) were added into the collection for preview purposes in a patch on December 16.


Season 5 preview stream[edit]

On January 25, 2021, 343 Industries conducted a livestream on YouTube in which they showed off the new content for the season prior to release.[10] The stream can be found here.


Main article: Halo: The Master Chief Collection - Season 5 Trailer

To showcase the release of Season 5 and its new customisation content, a trailer for the update was released on January 27, 2021. Notably the trailer showcased some upcoming armor not included in the Season 5 patch including the Infiltrator, Nomdagro and Operator designs.

Season 5 fan kit[edit]

On January 28, 2021, a number of 4K wallpapers were released on Halo Waypoint for fans to use, showcasing some of the new content.[11] The fankit can be found here, and the images in the gallery section at the bottom of this article.

Patch notes[edit]

December patch[edit]

While Season 5 launched on January 27, 2021, the patch released in December of 2020 physically added the bugfixes and new content to the game. The patch notes for the December patch can be found here.

January 27 patch notes (Version 1.2094.0.0)[edit]

The Season 5 patch launched alongside the start of the season on January 27, 2021.[12]

Install Size by Version[edit]

  • Steam
    • Max size of 258 MB
  • Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC
    • Max size of 6.3 GB
  • Xbox
    • Max size of 9.9 GB

New Features[edit]

Season 5, “Anvil,” begins with this update. It includes a variety of new unlockable cosmetics for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach, including new skins for armor and weapons, new nameplates, and a new Mongoose skin. The New Skins in Halo 3 toggle in settings has been expanded. Players who want to maintain a classic Halo 3 experience can flip this setting to “disabled” to avoid seeing any new cosmetic items while playing Halo 3, including weapon skins, vehicle skins, and armor. While cosmetics are disabled, any players in your game who are wearing new armor will appear with the default Mark VI.


Promotional images[edit]


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