SPARTAN-III Delta Company

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SPARTAN-III Delta Company


United Nations Space Command


Spartan company


Delta Company was a group of SPARTAN-III candidates that were going to initiate their training in late 2552 at Camp Currahee on Onyx.[1] In late October 2552, the UNSC Agincourt delivered supplies for Delta Company, the candidates of which were still yet to arrive when the Onyx Conflict occurred.[2] The fate of the Delta Company candidates following Onyx's destruction is unknown.[1][Note 1]

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  1. ^ Although the destruction of Onyx and advent of the SPARTAN-IV Program would make it seem as though Delta Company was likely not trained, no Halo media has clarified what became of the company, and the Halo Encyclopedia makes a point of saying that "What happened next to the candidates for Delta is unknown." Therefore, their fate is considered to be unknown.


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