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The 110mm rotary cannon is a ship-to-ship projectile weapon utilized by the United Nations Space Command's GA-TL1 Longsword, specifically its C709 variant.[1] It is essentially a large Gatling gun that fires 110mm shells and is used to engage enemy space fighters and starships.[2] Its shells are made of depleted uranium, and the gun is considered "hopelessly archaic" compared to the weaponry of the Type-31 Seraph.[3]


According to Robert McLees, the concept of "110mm rotary cannons in fighter/bombers", as stated in the Halo Story Bible, is "bad crazy"; this seems to imply that the weapon's high caliber is the result of a typographical error.[4] However, the number remains unchanged in the 2010 edition of Halo: First Strike,[5] and its validity is reinforced in Halo: The Essential Visual Guide, which states the C709 variant of the Longsword is equipped with a "heavy rotary cannon".[1]

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