Erudo'ma'keth-pattern pulse carbine

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This article is about the weapon introduced in Halo Infinite. For the ancient San'Shyuum weapon, see Pulse rifle.
Erudo'ma'keth-pattern pulse carbine
Cutout of the Pulse Carbine.
Production overview


Lodam Armory[1]




92.1 centimeters (36.3 in)[1]

Ammunition type:


Feed system:

125 bolt capacity

Rate of fire:


In service:


The Erudo'ma'keth-pattern Carbine[1] or pulse carbine is a weapon originally used by the Covenant,[3] and later by the Banished.[2]


Design details[edit]

The pulse carbine is a directed-energy weapon hailing from the same line as other plasma weapons like the Okarda'phaa-pattern plasma rifle and Kelos'vaarda-pattern storm rifle.[1] Unlike the more traditional plasma rifle, the pulse carbine shares more of a visual similarity with the storm rifle or the Nakata'vho-pattern plasma repeater, consisting of a fully-elongated rifle with a full stock and barrel. The pulse carbine is capable of fully-automatic[1] or five-round burst fire, and is designed to quickly overwhelm targets with a barrage of superheated plasma bolts. The weapon does not have the sheer accuracy of the Vostu-pattern carbine, but makes up for it with range, power and sheer fire rate.[4]

The pulse carbine's projectiles are additionally capable of tracking an enemy target.

Development history[edit]

The Erudo'ma'keth was first designed by Covenant-era weapon-smiths aboard High Charity as a relatively obscure design pattern, though it was later put into full production in the post-war era by Lodam Armory alongside its cousin, the Kelos'vaarda-pattern storm rifle.[1]

Operational history[edit]

The pulse carbine was utilized by some Covenant troops during the Battle for Earth.[3] After the Human-Covenant War, the pulse carbine was put into full production at Lodam Armory alongside the Kelos'vaarda-pattern rifle.[1] It was later used by Banished forces on Reach during Operation: WOLFE[5], including the Keepers of the One Freedom force which ended up fighting on Installation 00 alongside the Covenant loyalists.[6]

The Banished continued to use the pulse carbine during the Battle for Zeta Halo.[2]. It is particularly favored by Banished scouts and marksmen on Zeta Halo.[1]


Halo Infinite[edit]

The Pulse Carbine serves as the hybrid between the Plasma Repeater and the Battle Rifle. The Pulse Carbine fires in five-bolt bursts, which track enemies, and easily strips enemy shields. The projectiles from the Pulse Carbine will travel slowly at first, so the wielder must aim very carefully, especially in close quarters. If fired continuously, the pulse carbine will overheat, however, the player can vent the rifle before the rifle overheats completely. Overall, it is an effective medium range weapon, though less effective at close range. [2] In the campaign, the Pulse Carbine is wielded by Sangheili and Jiralhanae.


The Rapidfire pulse carbine being fired.


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