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Tarasque heavy fighter

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Tarasque heavy fighter
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Heavy fighter[1]



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The Tarasque heavy fighter is an older Covenant Sangheili-manned space fighter.[1] It may be used as a bomber, strikecraft, or dropship.[2][4]

Operational history[edit]

During the height of the Covenant's reign, the empire's fleets contained a myriad of eclectic craft, all ordained to use their inherent gifts and abilities to carry out the will of the Prophets. The venerable Tarasque heavy strikecraft long served as a messenger of destruction for those in the Covenant who balked at the sacrifices considered necessary for the Great Journey, and as envoys for conversion and compliance fleets.[4][5] A number of these fighters were brought to Installation 00 in December of 2552.

Following the Covenant's end, the Tarasque became less ubiquitous, but the success of its design pattern cast a long shadow over its successors and cousins, such as the Phantom dropship. In particular, the Tarasque’s refined and efficient controls are still the standard by which control systems of the strikecraft used by Covenant remnants are measured, and many Sangheili flight harnesses are produced with the interface jacks and cyberlink translators necessary to synchronize with these craft.[1] By January of 2553, the Servants of Abiding Truth had acquired two Tarasque fighters.[3][4]

Halo: Fleet Battles[edit]

Covenant Tarasque Bomber Flight[edit]

  • Flight slots: 1
  • Movement: 14"
  • Damage track: 2
  • Systems loadout: None
  • Weapons: vs. wing targets
    • Range: Contact
    • Dice: 1
  • Weapons: vs. element targets
    • Range: Contact
    • Dice: 2


Tarasque is a monster of French legend.


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