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This article is about the content update released for Halo: The Master Chief Collection. For the seasonal update for Halo Wars 2, see Season 6 (Halo Wars 2).


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Season 7

Season 6: Raven
HTMCC Season6 Emblem.png

Start date:

April 7, 2021[1]

Number of tiers:


Total unlock cost:

Season point 100

Includes content for:


Season 6: Raven is a season for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and was released on April 7, 2021. As of November 2020, work had begun on Season 6 content.[2] The Season's name and emblem are referential to those of Fireteam Raven; themselves the namesake for the 2018 game Halo: Fireteam Raven and the origin for several new armor permutations introduced to the collection in the season.

Season content[edit]

Season 6 is expected to add some or all of the following content into The Master Chief Collection;[3]

Halo: The Master Chief Collection[edit]

  • FOV slider support for all Xbox One consoles
  • FOV slider will no longer be locked when Xbox Series X|S devices are set to 120hz
  • Double keybindings
  • Mouse & keyboard support for consoles
  • Advanced audio options
  • The Exchange: a seasonal currency “store”[4]
  • 24 new nameplates (including 13 animated nameplates)

Halo 3[edit]

  • One new map for Halo 3 from Halo Online; Waterfall[5]
  • Three new techsuit customization options for Halo 3:
    • GEN2 Azure (Unlockable via challenge)
    • GEN2 Gunmetal
    • GEN2 Maroon
  • The Halo 3 original Spartan model is now available when the player has the toggle option for Halo 3 skins turned off.
  • Fifteen new animated Halo 3 visor colors:
    • Another Sunrise (Unlockable via challenge)
    • Cool Depths
    • Neon
    • Burn Radius
    • Nebula
    • Old Salt
    • Patina
    • Plated
    • Red Shift
    • Shadow
    • Shoreline Sunset
    • Tall Tales
    • Turbulence
    • Uncontrolled Growth
    • Tropic Cove
  • Back accessory customization options for Halo 3:
    • Tactical Pack
    • Demolitions Pack
    • Communications Pack
    • Ammo Pack
    • Pulaski
    • Sword and Board (Unlockable via challenge)
    • Katana (standalone accessory, previously only available as the Katana permutation of Hayabusa chestpiece)

Season unlocks[edit]

Page 1[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
1 Season point 1 Glint animated nameplate
2 Season point 1 ODSC\TAC helmet HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC Helmet Icon.png
3 Season point 1 Graves nameplate
4 Season point 1 Nomdagro helmet HTMCC H3 Nomdagro Helmet Icon.png
5 Season point 1 Cool Depths animated visor H3 CoolDepths Visor Icon.png
6 Season point 1 ODST\TAC legs HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC Legs Icon.png
7 Season point 1 Nomdagro forearms HTMCC H3 Nomdagro Forearms Icon.png
8 Season point 1 Tropic Cove animated visor H3 TropicCove Visor Icon.png
9 Season point 1 Specialized nameplate
10 Season point 1 Shoreline Sunset animated visor H3 ShorelineSunset Visor Icon.png

Page 2[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
11 Season point 1 Hammerhead chest HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Chest Icon.png
12 Season point 1 Through The Woods animated nameplate
13 Season point 1 Infiltrator chest HTMCC H3 Infiltrator Chest Icon.png
14 Season point 1 ODST\TAC chest HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC Chest Icon.png
15 Season point 1 Centripetal animated nameplate
16 Season point 1 Lancer helmet HTMCC H3 Lancer Helmet Icon.png
17 Season point 1 Sniper Rifle Amethyst Raven skin
18 Season point 1 Dome Roam animated nameplate
19 Season point 1 Nomdagro shoulders HTMCC H3 Nomdagro RShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 Nomdagro LShoulder Icon.png
20 Season point 1 ODST\DEMO helmet HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO Helmet Icon.png

Page 3[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
21 Season point 1 Lang nameplate
22 Season point 1 Hammerhead forearms HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Forearms Icon.png
23 Season point 1 Tactical Pack back accessory HTMCC H3 Tactical Backpack Icon.png
24 Season point 1 On Guard nameplate
25 Season point 1 ODST\TAC forearms HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC Forearms Icon.png
26 Season point 1 Nomdagro legs HTMCC H3 Nomdagro Legs Icon.png
27 Season point 1 Lancer shoulders HTMCC H3 Lancer LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 Lancer RShoulder Icon.png
28 Season point 1 Pane animated nameplate
29 Season point 1 Infiltrator shoulders HTMCC H3 Infiltrator LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 Infiltrator RShoulder Icon.png
30 Season point 1 ODST\TAC shoulders HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 ODSTTAC RShoulder Icon.png

Page 4[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
31 Season point 1 Lancer forearms HTMCC H3 Lancer LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 Lancer RShoulder Icon.png
32 Season point 1 ODST\DEMO chest HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO Chest Icon.png
33 Season point 1 Infiltrator helmet HTMCC H3 Infiltrator Helmet Icon.png
34 Season point 1 Forged In Flame animated nameplate
35 Season point 1 Hammerhead shoulders HTMCC H3 Hammerhead LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 Hammerhead RShoulder Icon.png
36 Season point 1 Anvil Initiative nameplate
37 Season point 1 Neon animated visor H3 Neon Visor Icon.png
38 Season point 1 Underdog nameplate
39 Season point 1 Nomdagro chest HTMCC H3 Nomdagro Chest Icon.png
40 Season point 1 ODST\COMM helmet HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM Helmet Icon.png

Page 5[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
41 Season point 1 Hudson nameplate
42 Season point 1 Lancer chest HTMCC H3 Lancer Chest Icon.png
43 Season point 1 New Guard animated nameplate
44 Season point 1 ODST\DEMO legs HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO Legs Icon.png
45 Season point 1 Mongoose Amethyst Raven skin H3 Mongoose AmethystRaven Skin.png
46 Season point 1 Hammerhead legs HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Legs Icon.png
47 Season point 1 Raven Camo animated nameplate
48 Season point 1 ODST\DEMO forearms HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO Forearms Icon.png
49 Season point 1 Infiltrator forearms HTMCC H3 Infiltrator Forearms Icon.png
50 Season point 1 Demolitions Pack back accessory HTMCC H3 Demolitions Backpack Icon.png

Page 6[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
51 Season point 1 Nevermore namplate
52 Season point 1 ODST\COMM chest HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM Chest Icon.png
53 Season point 1 COS helmet HTMCC H3 COS Helmet Icon.png
54 Season point 1 Communications Pack back accessory HTMCC H3 Communications Backpack Icon.png
55 Season point 1 ODST\DEMO shoulders HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 ODSTDEMO RShoulder Icon.png
56 Season point 1 Lancer legs HTMCC H3 Lancer Legs Icon.png
57 Season point 1 ODST\HVY helmet HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY Helmet Icon.png
58 Season point 1 Ramos nameplate
59 Season point 1 Infiltrator legs HTMCC H3 Infiltrator Legs Icon.png
60 Season point 1 ODST\COMM forearms HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM Forearms Icon.png

Page 7[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
61 Season point 1 Mongoose Blue Lightning skin H3 Mongoose Racer Skin.png
62 Season point 1 ODST\COMM shoulders HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM RShoulder Icon.png
63 Season point 1 Fearless nameplate
64 Season point 1 ODST\COMM legs HTMCC H3 ODSTCOMM Legs Icon.png
65 Season point 1 Blend animated nameplate
66 Season point 1 COS shoulders HTMCC H3 COS LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 COS RShoulder Icon.png
67 Season point 1 Turbulence animated visor H3 Turbulence Visor Icon.png
68 Season point 1 ODST\HVY forearms HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY Forearms Icon.png
69 Season point 1 Patina animated visor H3 Patina Visor Icon.png
70 Season point 1 Anvil Station nameplate
HTMCC Nameplate AnvilStation.png

Page 8[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
71 Season point 1 COS legs HTMCC H3 COS Legs Icon.png
72 Season point 1 ODST\HVY chest HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY Chest Icon.png
73 Season point 1 COS chest HTMCC H3 COS Chest Icon.png
74 Season point 1 Nebula animated visor H3 Nebula Visor Icon.png
75 Season point 1 Hammerhead helmet HTMCC H3 Hammerhead Helmet Icon.png
76 Season point 1 ODST\HVY legs HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY Legs Icon.png
77 Season point 1 Evermore nameplate
78 Season point 1 Uncontrolled Growth animated visor H3 UncontrolledGrowth Visor Icon.png
79 Season point 1 Mongoose Turbo skin H3 Mongoose Turbo Skin.png
80 Season point 1 Tall Tales animated visor H3 TallTales Visor Icon.png

Page 9[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
81 Season point 1 Raven animated nameplate
82 Season point 1 Old Salt animated visor H3 OldSalt Visor Icon.png
83 Season point 1 Contingent Winter animated nameplate
84 Season point 1 Plated animated visor H3 Plated Visor Icon.png
85 Season point 1 Shotgun Jade Raven skin
86 Season point 1 Pulaski back accessory and Gauss Warthog Fire Truck skin HTMCC H3 Pulaski Backpack Icon.png H3 GaussWarthog FireTruck Skin.png
87 Season point 1 Old Guard animated nameplate
88 Season point 1 Battle Rifle Amber Raven skin
89 Season point 1 Shadow animated visor H3 Shadow Visor Icon.png
90 Season point 1 COS forearms HTMCC H3 COS Forearm Icon.png

Page 10[edit]

Tier Unlock requirements Unlocks Images
91 Season point 1 Assault Rifle Sapphire Raven skin
92 Season point 1 Red Shift animated visor H3 RedShift Visor Icon.png
93 Season point 1 ODST\HVY shoulders HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY LShoulder Icon.png HTMCC H3 ODSTHVY RShoulder Icon.png
94 Season point 1 Warthog Amber Raven skin H3 Warthog AmberRaven Skin.png
95 Season point 1 GEN2 Maroon tech suit
96 Season point 1 Scorpion Jade Raven skin H3 Scorpion JadeRaven Skin.png
97 Season point 1 Ammo Pack back accessory HTMCC H3 Ammo Backpack Icon.png
98 Season point 1 Burn Radius animated visor H3 BurnRadius Visor Icon.png
99 Season point 1 GEN2 Gunmetal tech suit
100 Season point 1 Hornet Sapphire Raven skin and Legendary Gaze animated nameplate H3 Hornet SapphireRaven Skin.png

Challenge and event unlocks[edit]

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Main article: MCC Insider Program

Flighting for Season 6 was originally set to begin on or after February 18, 2021.[3] The release was ultimately delayed, and Flighting began on the 26th.[6] The Flight was designed to test Season 6 content in new features, though not all of it was available at the start. At the Flight's start, available content included;

  • Several new Halo 3 armor permutations.
    • Halo: Fireteam Raven armors.
    • RHINE-class Mjolnir from Halo Online.
    • Backpack accessories for Halo 3.
  • Two new multiplayer maps for Halo 3, originally from Halo Online.
  • Several new animated nameplates.
  • Several new Halo 3 skins.
  • In-game team switching

In an update later in the flight on March 11[7], the new season points store will be added alongside a number of bugfixes for the existing content. Due to player feedback, the map Edge has been delayed and will be released in a future season.[8] Originally, this update for the flight was planned to add a custom games browser initally only supporting Halo: Reach, though this was halted due to time constraints.[9] This update also changed the Sword and Board back accessory to be color-coded to the player primary color, replaced the crack in the skull on the shield with lacerations, and removed one sword and raised the model to prevent it from clipping with chestpieces.


Menu artwork trailer[edit]

Main article: Fireteam Raven, Reporting In

On March 31, 2021, a short trailer was released in the style of the ONI Archive videos premiered for prior seasons. The video depicts the Season 6 menu background - an M808 Scorpion - with some new dialogue depicting Fireteam Raven's Landing on Installation 04 between the Halo: Fireteam Raven levels Escape and Rubble.

Patch notes[edit]

April 7 patch notes (Version 1.2241.0.0)[edit]

The Season 6 patch launched alongside the start of the season on April 7, 2021.[10]

Install Size by Version[edit]

  • Steam
    • Max size of 23.99 GB
  • Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC
    • Max size of 50.58 GB
  • Xbox
    • Max size of 55.16 GB

Cut Season content[edit]

Season 6 was originally slated to release with two former-Halo Online maps. While Waterfall made it into the final release, the map Edge was cut from Season 6 during the season flighting, as 343 Industries felt the map needed "fundamental improvements" before release.[8] The Custom Game Browser and the View Model Offset were also originally intended to debut in Season 6, though were eventually cut. The Sword and Board backpack piece for Halo 3 originally appeared in the flight with two crossed machetes and a blue shield, though in the updated flight build this was updated to just one machete and a shield inheriting the player colour.


Promotional images[edit]


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