Type-54 Mass Deployment Carapace

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Type-54 Mass Deployment Carapace
Production information


Lodam Armory

Product line:

Covenant drop pod

Technical specifications


25 meters (82 ft)[1]


25 meters (82 ft)[1]


32.3 meters (106 ft)[1]


Impulse drive systems


Nanolaminate hull plating




In service:

Post-Covenant War conflicts


Jul 'Mdama's Covenant faction


The Type-54 Mass Deployment Carapace is a type of large multiple-occupant orbital entry vehicle used by the Covenant remnants, namely Jul 'Mdama's faction. Developed by Lodam Armory, the T-54 MDC is significantly larger than most Covenant drop pods, including the contemporary Type-51 Individual Breaching Carapace. The pod is typically affixed into large capital ships, from which it is launched toward a planetary target or an enemy vessel. Unlike most drop pods, the T-54 MDC is reusable, being capable of deploying numerous troops from low altitude before flying back into the host vessel to receive more passengers. This feature was originally implemented to avoid the costs incurred by single-use drop pods, but has since proven to be a highly practical means of transit.[1]

Design details[edit]

The T-54 MDC is equipped with capital ship-grade armor and a set of sideways-facing mounting arms on top of the pod to secure the vehicle into the host vessel. Propulsion is provided by impulse drive systems mounted on the sides as well as a set of braking thrusters. The deployed troops are locked into one of several levels of a multi-tiered staging area as the pod descends. Upon landing, the pod generates a low-range gravity dampening pulse to allow the infantry within to safely drop to the ground.[1]


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