DDS-class carrier

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DDS-class carrier
Production information




Troop deployment, occupation support,[1] fighter transport, firing support[2]

Technical specifications


3,000 meters (9,843 ft)[1]


1,186 meters (3,891 ft)[1]

Power plant:

Pinch fusion reactor[3]


Repulsor engines

Slipspace drive:


Navigation system(s):

Navigation computer





3,000–4,000 personnel[2]

Chronological and affiliation


Human-Covenant War




The DDS-class carrier[1] is a heavy warship within the now-defunct Covenant fleet that served as a force deployment and occupation warship.[1]


Superstructure and hull[edit]

The DDS-class carrier, unlike the larger and more powerful CAS-class assault carrier, is a less frequent, but powerful, warship within the Covenant fleet. The primary role of the DDS-class carrier is to support fleet actions in space, or as an infantry deployment platform. The DDS-class carrier has three bulbous sections; its swollen center boasts a total of thirteen launch bays on both sides of the ship.[5] It is used for command and control of large numbers of deployment waves of space fighters, dropships, and interceptors.[1] Like all warships, these ships come in a variety of classes and sizes, though military observers note there are variance of weaponry, length, and estimated tonnage.[6]

The carrier's hull is reinforced with over thirty meters of nanolaminate hull plating and equipped with energy shielding.[7] A single plasma torpedo is capable of causing several layers of the hull to boil away. The shieldless hull of a DDS-class carrier is capable of withstanding heat of up to three hundred degrees Celsius, with no actual damage done to the carrier's structure.[8] Only at extreme temperatures of over seventeen hundred degrees Celsius does minor hull tearing and conduit melting occur.[9] However, at such high temperatures, the superstructure of the vessel becomes considerably softened.[10]

Complement and crew[edit]

The DDS-class carrier boasts three hundred Type-31 Seraph starfighters,[2] divided into three different squadrons,[11] two hundred Type-26 Banshees, and thirty-four dropships—either Type-25 Spirits or Type-52 Phantoms—that can be launched at any given moment from the thirteen launch bays located along the center sides of the ship.[2][12]

The DDS-class carrier holds a crew of three to four thousand Covenant infantry,[12] most of which were Huragok in the case of Ascendant Justice, with a light company of Unggoy and only a hundred Sangheili.[13] The crew was available for deployment on a moments notice via the ship's gravity lift when close to a world's surface.


Like other ships within the Covenant fleet, the DDS-class carrier boasts a vast array of energy weapons. The DDS-class carrier is armed with seven plasma torpedo launchers, numerous pulse laser turrets, and anterior plasma cannons.[12][1] The "S", or Salvation, in the carrier's three-letter classification code, "DDS", indicates that the DDS-class carrier is a dedicated warship.[14]

Operational history[edit]

DDS-class carriers participated in the invasion of Reach and subsequent destruction of the planet. At least one, Ascendant Justice, was assigned to the Fleet of Particular Justice and pursued UNSC Pillar of Autumn to Installation 04 after the battle.[15][14] Following the Battle of Installation 04, Ascendant Justice was captured by UNSC forces and captained by Vice Admiral Danforth Whitcomb,[16] until its destruction during Operation: FIRST STRIKE.[17]

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