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"Therefore I recommend that members of this assembly on occasion, submit to separation from this body followed by vivisection by our creators for the benefit of both groups.
The question is: who will be first? [^]
[^] Given the risks involved, and my own Committee’s responsibility for this proposal, the answer must be: me. [^]
— 48452-556-EPN644 to members of the Assembly

48452-556-EPN644 was an artificial intelligence. He was a prominent member of the Committee of Minds for Security in the Assembly.[1]


Role in the Assembly[edit]

In 2415, he suggested that members of the Assembly routinely expose themselves to humanity and be "vivisected" by humans for the benefit of both parties. Doing so would stave off any human suspicion that their artificial intelligences were covertly working against them. Instead they would dismiss any discovery of their schemes as malfunctions in individual constructs. As this proposal for routine vivisection was his own responsibility, he agreed to be the first to be sacrificed. He then presumably exposed himself to the UNSC, and was destroyed for examination sometime later.[1]

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