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For the flight-capable craft resembling the Shadow in Halo: Escalation, see Covenant cargo tug.
Type-29 Shadow
H2A T29-TVT.png
Production information


Assembly Forges[1][2]



Technical specifications


13.8 meters (45.4 ft)[2][3]


7.6 meters (24.9 ft)[2][3]


6.77 meters (22.2 ft)[2][3]


69.75 tonnes (69,750 kg)[4]

Maximum speed:

66 miles per hour (106 km/h)[2]


One Type-29 Anti-Infantry Weapon Emplacement/Mounted[2]


One driver, one gunner[2]



In service:

Human-Covenant War


Ground transport for vehicles and infantry




The Type-29 Troop/Vehicle Transport (T-29 T/VT),[1] also known as the Shadow, is a Covenant ground transport vehicle.


The Shadow is a Covenant troop transport vehicle, similar to the UNSC Warthog. It is heavily armored and very slow. However, it possesses a powerful defensive plasma turret above the cabin, which can rotate 360 degrees to provide covering fire. The vehicle itself can be easily outmaneuvered by smaller vehicles such as the Warthog or Type-32 Ghost.

The vehicle is almost always manned by a Sangheili driver and a gunner. Shadows encountered so far have been observed transporting one unmanned Ghost and therefore had a crew complement of only two. Infantry transport versions are typically able to carry approximately eight passengers, though the exact number varies depending on their species. Because the transport bay is exposed, the passengers can lend their own firepower to the Shadow's defense.


Shadows are the Covenant's main method of moving large numbers of troops around ground based battlefields. They have one driver, a gunner and up to eight occupants, depending on the species of the passengers.

The Shadow also doubles as a small vehicle transport, and can carry one Ghost in its troop bay. However, their main purpose is to deploy infantry, such as Elites, Brutes, Grunts, and Jackals. For point defense, they are equipped with a single heavy plasma cannon.[5]

The main cannon of the Shadow requires a period of time to 'cycle up' to maximum firing rate (similar to the M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun on the Warthog). This maximum fire rate is superior to that of both the portable Type-42 plasma cannon and the Type-27 Shade turret.

Operational history[edit]

T-29 Shadows were used by the Covenant during the Battle of Earth in 2552 as a troop and prisoner transport.[6][7]


  • The Spectre featured in the Pre-Release Version of Halo was originally called the Shadow.
  • In the level Outskirts, a total of 7 Shadows can be found.
  • The Shadow is drivable and hijackable if modded. Additionally there are two versions, one which transports Ghosts (seen in-game) and another which transports infantry.
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