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Siege of Athea

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Siege of Athea




c. 2500


Meridian, Hestia system


UNSC victory

  • Insurgent forces defeated on Meridian

United Nations Space Command

Sundered Legion


The Siege of Athea was an engagement of the Insurrection that took place on the human Outer Colony of Meridian around 2500.[1] After the Sundered Legion launched a campaign of antagonistic political ideologies throughout Meridian in 2495 that fueled several conflicts on the world, the United Nations Space Command intervened to prevent colonial destabilization.[2]

After five years of near-constant conflict, the Sundered Legion was defeated by the UNSC at the Siege of Athea. While rank and file members of the Sundered Legion were offered amnesty by UNSC, the movement's leaders would stand trial in the courts of the Unified Earth Government.[1]

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