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This article is about the playlist. For the professional gaming company, see Major League Gaming.

MLG is a playlist for Halo 3 and Halo: Reach. The playlist utilizes the game settings used for 4v4 matches in the Major League Gaming tournaments.


Neither Halo 3 nor Halo: Reach had an MLG playlist upon release. On March 12, 2008, Bungie announced that an MLG playlist would replace Team Hardcore in Halo 3 matchmaking. The playlist went live on March 31, 2008.[1] The MLG playlist along with the other Hardcore playlists were moved to the Ranked Playlists while the Hardcore Playlist was retired as of August 4, 2009.

The MLG playlist for Halo: Reach was announced for release on December 7, 2010, under the competitive playlists. It launched with MLG's version 2 settings. With the Halo: Reach Title Update from 343 Industries and the introduction of Zero Bloom, MLG implemented a ZB version of their version 6 ruleset. The update launched with the December 7th matchmaking update. The first two voting options presented no Sprint settings, while the third option preserved Sprint.

Currently, the Halo 3 playlist runs version 8 of MLG settings. Reach utilizes version 6.

Forge utilization[edit]

MLG in Halo 3 and Reach involves using the Forge to modify maps for fast competitive gameplay. Weapons are changed based on competitive viability, availabilty and location. Map movement is made as streamlined as possible, and explosive scenery is removed.

Power weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher and the Sniper Rifle, are unique in that they utilize a drop-spawn system, where they respawn on a constant timer. This is done through the Forge by placing the weapon above the ground, either by placing it on top of a crate or making it phased, and then removing the crate or disabling phase. This encourages more map movement since players will know exactly when the weapons return.

Forge is also used to create more competitive maps. Examples include Halo 3's Foundry to create three arena-style maps: Amplified, Onslaught and Lockdown (removed from rotation). In Halo: Reach, Asylum was recreated, titled MLG Sanctuary, to eliminate frame rate issues.

Halo 3 Playlist[edit]

3-4 players per team, max party size of 4.



All games have a 15-minute time limit in matchmaking. However, CTF matches at MLG tournaments have a 15-minute regulation time period, with an extra 15 minutes set in case of a tie or sudden death.

  • MLG Team Slayer (Amplified, Construct, Narrows, Heretic, The Pit)
    • All Team Slayer games go to 50 kills.
  • MLG Team Oddball (Guardian)
    • Team Oddball has a maximum score of 250 points.
  • MLG Team King (Construct)
    • Team King has a maximum score of 250 points.
  • MLG Multi Flag (Heretic, Narrows, Onslaught and The Pit)
  • CTF on Narrows and The Pit have a maximum score of three captures. Onslaught and Heretic go to five captures.



MLG gametypes removed a large amount of weapons and all the equipment.


All Powerups spawn after 120 seconds.

  • Custom Power-up: There are two versions of the Custom Power-up.
    • On The Pit (All games) and Construct (King of the Hill), the custom power-up gives the player a 3× overshield. This only works if the player has full shields or if they are recharging, otherwise the power-up will be burned and the effect will be negated.
    • For King of the Hill on Construct, the custom power-up appears for the first time after two minutes of play.
    • For TS on Construct the power-up takes the form of an Active Camouflage. This will last for 60 seconds after pickup. The Camo will not spawn on Construct until after the first two minutes of play.
  • Active Camouflage: The powerup is unchanged from the normal camo. (This Powerup only spawns on Guardian.)

Halo: Reach Playlist[edit]

Team size of 4, max party size of 8, max local players of 2.


  • MLG Countdown
  • MLG Nexus
  • MLG Sanctuary
  • MLG Zealot
  • MLG Oasis
  • MLG The Pit


Unless otherwise listed, all games have a 15 minute time limit.

  • MLG Team Slayer
    • All Team Slayer games go to 50 kills.
    • CTF on Sanctuary has a maximum score of three captures. Countdown, Zealot and The Pit go to five captures.
  • MLG King
    • KOTH games go to 250 points. Played on Oasis and Nexus.


  • Players start with the DMR and two Frag Grenades.
  • Players move at jump at 110% height, have 150% player gravity, and inflict 75% melee damage.
  • Motion tracker is disabled.
  • For the gametypes with Sprint, it is the starting armor ability and players move at 110% normal speed. For the gametypes with no Sprint, players move at 120% speed.


MLG gametypes removed a large amount of weapons.

Armor Abilities[edit]

Armor abilities are placed on the map for pickup. They respawn 34 seconds after the last player holding the ability is killed.


All Powerups spawn after 120 seconds.

  • Custom Power-up: The custom powerup forces the user to adapt a white armor skin, in exchange for 200% damage resistance and 50% shield recharge. The effect lasts 30 seconds. It spawns on Countdown for Team Slayer and The Pit.
  • Active Camouflage: The powerup is unchanged from the normal camo. This Powerup only spawns on Sanctuary for Team Slayer.

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